Five things You should NEVER put in Your Fruit Chat

fruit chat recipes

In Ramadan, The only food which remains constant with all other varieties is, Fruit Chaat. No Iftaar is complete is without a yummy bowl of Fruit chat. People use different fruit chat recipes to tantalize their taste buds. Not to mention, it is a boost of instant energy after such a long gap of fasting. But, How to make the perfect Fruit chaat? Sounds tricky right. But worry not as we give you the way to devise perfect fruit chat recipes.

Five things You should NEVER put in your Fruit Chat


This is the no.1 spoiler in a bowl of fruits. As fruits possess their own sugar known as fruitcose, they don’t need a sweeter element. Besides in a bowl of fruit chat, a dash of Chat Masala does the magic and gives it the right balanced taste. Also you can add lemon or an orange juice as a final dressing.

fruit chaat recipes

Channay (Chickpeas):

What can be more cringeeee than spotting channay in your fruit chat! Although it has best nutritional qualities it is not fit for a vibrant bowl of fruits! Never use channay in your fruit chat. Make a chana chaat separately if you are craving for it but  

fruit chaat recipes


Some people like the adding of cream but no it is not the right choice! Cream is a dairy product and eats up all the sweetness of fruits when mixed with them. it is also thick in texture which makes it difficult to digest after such a long fast. As an alternative, add greek yogurt in your fruit chaat recipes. It is light and healthy. Moreover it boosts metabolism and pairs best with pomegranate and kiwi.

fruit chaat recipes


It is a tough fruit indeed and isn’t fit for a fruit chat. You won’t find pineapple in fruit chat recipes but there are some people who have the audacity to put this fruit in their fruit chat and destroy it! Not ignoring its qualities, Pineapple has a high fuitcose level. Its syrup is also a spoiler for our fruit chat recipes. Experts suggest having it as a whole rather than cutting it in pieces. So, No pineapples in fruit chat please!

fruit chaat recipes

Water melon:

If there was a fruit Thunderdome, fruits would send watermelon in to the battle! No wonder it is the best fruit to eat but in a fruit chat? ummm not so perfect. Many fruit salads welcome watermelon like a king but in Asia, the fruit chat recipes have developed in their own ways. They have a lot of flavor and spice. So the best fruit choices are apple, mangoes, bananas, guavas, peaches, grapes and strawberries. Watermelon is a class apart so it must be eaten separately to engorge in its unique taste.

fruit chaat recipes

In the end, adding honey to your bowl of fruit chat would enhance its taste and fruits would not lose their freshness. With this, we wish you a Happy Healthy Indulgence this Ramadan.

Written by Fatima Sajjad

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