Swara Bhaskar Called Pakistan “A Failing State” And Faced The Wrath Of Pakistani People

Recently, a much awaited Indian movie, “Veere di wedding” was banned in Pakistan. Since everybody was looking forward to it, we were really upset about this news. However, it released on 31st May worldwide and got 3 stars overall. Somehow, it did not affect us as such. On the other hand, Swara Bhaskar did take the ban to heart. She is one of the supporting actresses in the film and was really hurt by the ban. Seriously, she completely lost her mind!

In an interview, Swara Bhaskar just couldn’t hold it any longer. She started calling Pakistan “a failing state”. Like seriously, sister!

Along with her co-stars, she gave an interview to Rajeev Masand and started losing it. Here’s the clip where she rants about how Pakistan is run by Sharia laws. Pfft, right!

This makes me sad. Disappointed @reallyswara. You need to apologise for what you said and get your FACTS right about Pakistan.

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Honestly, I don’t blame her. It’s her first time starring in a big budget movie. That too, opposite Kareena Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. She just can’t contain herself. She doesn’t want to miss out on her 15 minutes of fame. Really, she’ll go to any lengths to make it last a bit longer.

Little did she know, Swara Bhaskar messed with the wrong nation.

We may be a very flawed nation but when it comes to our country’s honor, we don’t take it lightly. People were pissed off and rightly so. They did not hold back and gave her their piece of mind.

Urwa Hocane was the first one to respond to Swara’s interview.

She called her out on her double standards.

Urwa stated that Swara is a “failing human being”.

Besides Urwa, Pakistani actor Gohar Rasheed shut her down.

He said what we all had been thinking.

He said that Pakistani fans can make a difference for Bollywood films in the global box office.

Lastly, he quoted Quaid-e-Azam in his tweet.

Also, Zainab Qayoom posted this on her Instagram account.


Other than the celebrities, Pakistani people were also furious.

Swara likes to get herself into controversies.

Swara Bhaskar is in need of some serious history lessons.

Every month, Indian people wants to kill some actress because of her film and she has the audacity to talk about us!

Obviously, she’s ignorant.

People are really disappointed.

Although she was speaking against Pakistan, some Indians were also displeased.

Same, bro.

Clearly, Swara is on the cloud nine right now but she needs to listen to this aunty’s review about her film.

This aunty just kills it with her review. Also, what she said about Swara is so true. This film seems like every other big-budget Bollywood films. However, most of the big-budget films are very predictable and a waste of money.


In 2015, Swara Bhaskar came to Pakistan and she couldn’t stop praising us.

So, it shows that Swara Bhaskar is not an actress but a chameleon. How can some contradict their own statement is beyond me. While appearing on the show “Mazaaqraat”, she declared Lahore to be the best city of the world. She was swearing upon it. By the way, we already know that. And now, Pakistan is a failing state. I mean, wow!

Afterward, she tried to save face with this ridiculous tweet.

After pissing off the whole nation, she came forward with this tweet. However, it’s a little too late for any kind of response. She should learn to think before speaking. When she gives interviews, she just keeps blurting out words. Most of the times, she doesn’t make any sense.

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#SwaraBhaskar finally speaks up after facing intense backlash post her interview with #RajeevMasand and contrary to what we expected she seems utterly unapologetic! Not only will this alienate her fan base further but also defeats the purpose of VDW- a feel-good movie that celebrates female friendships, tolerance and camaraderie. Despite looking forward to the film earlier, we’re definitely not watching it now, all thanks to her ignorant and irresponsible comments that have sparked hate and animosity. Also, utterly disappointed that none of the other actors, nor producers of the #VDW have expressed their disapproval. Not sure why no one’s pointing out #SonamKapoor adding fuel to the fire during the interview. #Mode @reallyswara @rheakapoor @sonamkapoor @ektaravikapoor

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Swara Bhaskar should apologize to Pakistani nation.

According to us, this just shows her lack of knowledge about the world and Pakistan in particular. Her 15 minutes of fame has turned into a lifetime of shame. Obviously, she has lost her fan following in Pakistan. Although, very few people were aware of her before this incident. In this age of social media, famous personalities should choose their words very carefully. Swara Bhaskar owes us an apology.

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