Haters Gonna Hate and Lovers Gonna Love You Reham Khan

Reham Khan has been in the news since the time she was engaged to be married to the PTI Leader Imran Khan. From her marriage to divorce and later on her entrance in politics, she has been in the news every now and then. Today, she is single, living in Pakistan and actively pursuing a future/career in politics. Politics is not an easy ride. In the same way, handling controversies is also not a piece of cake. And politics and controversies come hand in hand.

Nowadays Reham Khan is again in the spot light. And of course one has to be a target of some controversy to come under the spotlight. Its not surprising that Reham has to be the center of attention of a controversy to gain the spotlight (her history speaks!).

Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza Ali Abbasi’s tweet showing copies of email exchange between Reham Khan and Ahsan Iqbal, created havoc on social media. And these emails date back to August, 2017. Furthermore, Abbasi is not been easy on Reham Khan. Moreover he is openly challenging and ready to take on haters! And his sarcasm and bitterness is quiet apparent in his tweets. Abbasi has taken social media by fire!

Reham Khan has been allegedly meeting Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal to reach Maryam Nawaz. Furthermore, Reham Khan is accused of working on some PML-N agenda against Imran Khan. Hence the secret meeting with Maryam Nawaz.

Haters and Supporters

The best part about Social Media is that everyone can voice their opinions. And sometimes it can be the worst too. The controversial tweets of Abbasi came in 2 episodes. Abbasi tweeted the pictures twice, uploading correct images the second time. Moreover he deleted his previous post. This correction and deletion made people go crazy!

Furthermore, Abbasi received a LOT of response and not everyone was polite or in support of him.

People went after tiny details to troll Abbasi:

In fact, some showed off their technical expertise, in response to Abbasi posts (and of course can only be understood by technicians, not mainstream social media users like us):


#ReportAndBlockReham and #RehamOnPMLNAgenda by PTI Trendsetters

In light of all this hype, created by the newly labeled ‘social media attention seeker duo’, people have started a new mission. #ReportAndBlockReham was created and it has gone viral. Similarly, Reham on PMLN Agenda has also been trending ever since.

Dr. Ayesha Naveed, a PTI Trendsetter, initiated the hash tag:


Furthermore, it has become the most trending hash tag currently being used!

reham khan

And within hours, Reham haters went crazy on social media:

Moreover, people are not being lenient in their language:

Meanwhile, SOME haters are linking old dots with new dots:

However, Reham came up with an innocent plea against this social media campaign

One might wonder, why is Hamza Ali Abbasi raising this issue now? And that too just prior to the release of Reham Khan’s book?

Well we poor souls can only guess! Nevertheless, Reham Khan and Hamza Ali Abbasi, you both keep your BASHING STRATEGY going on! Well done on the Drama!


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