Most Inspiring Stories from the Life of Hazrat Ali (AS), the First Imam and Fourth Caliph of Islam

As 21st Ramadan marks the shahadat of Hazrat Ali (AS). People remember this great personality of Islam with a lot of respect and love. Ali ibne Abu Talib, was the first Imam and the fourth caliph of Islam. Husband of Holy Prophet’s daughter Hazrat Fatima AS, and his cousin as well.

Hazrat Ali was the closest companion of Hazrat Muhammad (PBUHH). The Prophet said, ‘Whomever I am his Master, Ali is his Master.” (Masnad Ahmed Hanbal, ch 39, pg 297, hadith 18497 and Muslim 2/361)

Born in 600 AD, he was the first among children to embrace Islam. Hazrat Ali AS has set forth the highest examples of kindness, intelligence and mercy. He was the most trusted companion of The Holy Prophet and an exemplary human being. His quotes and sayings are the guiding path to Allah’s salvation and we are humbled to have learnt about such a powerful personality.

Hazrat Ali’s Shahadat

Hazrat Ali fought in so many battles his entire life and yet he did not die in the battlefield. The Imam of the time, was stabbed with a highly poisonous sword by a man named Ibn-Muljim, in the Masjid-e-Kufa Iraq. This happened at Fajar time on 19th of Ramzan while he was prostrating. Hazrat Ali (AS) was such a devout Muslim and had such a kind heart that even then, he told his sons Hazrat Hassan and Hazrat Hussain to be kind to his stabber. He died after being severely ill from the stab on 21st of Ramzan.

His house and the Masjid of Kufa are still present and maintained in Kufa, Iraq.

There are many inspiring stories from his life which teach us the lessons of goodwill and virtue. Here are the few masterpieces.

(The stories are the excerpts from the book, A brief biography of Imam Ali by Mohammed Raza Dungersi.)

Hazrat Ali and The Candle

One night, Hazrat Ali sat down to record the expenses of Treasury. A candle burnt by his side as he was doing his work. Just then Talha and Zubair (his companions) appeared. They aspired to be appointed on some positions and that is why they came to talk to him. Imam Ali knew of this and welcomed them. Just as they sat down, Imam Ali put out the candle and lit another one. Both companions, surprised at this asked him the reason for doing so. Hazrat Ali replied, “That was a candle bought of Treasury funds. As long as I worked for the Treasury, I used it. Now you have come for some personal work, so I use the candle bought of my personal fund.”

Upon hearing this both of them left. With this act, Hazrat Ali gives away a true lesson of Honesty and loyalty.

Judgment of Imam Ali

A case was brought before Hazrat Omar, the second Caliph. Two babies, a girl and a boy, were born on a single night to two wives of the same man. The father of the babies had passed away and both wives claimed to be the mother of the son. Imam Ali (A.S.) was called for and the case was presented to him. He called for two small vessels to be brought and had them weighed and then instructed that equal amount of milk from each mother be drawn into the vessels.

When they weighed it again, it was found that one was heavier than the other. Imam Ali (A.S.) declared that the mother with the heavier milk was the mother of the boy and the lighter milk was that of the girl’s mother. Hazrat Omar asked how he came to this conclusion. Imam Ali (A.S.) replied that Allah has proscribed that, “For a male there is the share of two females”. With this he portrays the highest sense of Justice.

Work and Generosity

Hazrat Ali was a hard working man. He worked hard for cultivating orchards and farms. He also used to dig wells to provide water to his people. According to one tribute, He worked for several days to dig a well outside Madinah. When he was successful in finding water, people praised him for his selflessness. There were cries of “Ali is a generous man!” and “Allah has bestowed upon us such a kind human being”. His humble nature and hard work are the gateway to ultimate success and we are lucky to follow his admirable life.

On various occasions the Prophet PBUHH has praised Hazrat Ali and his character. He said, “Ali is the distinguisher between truth and falsehood.” (Musnad Ahmed, 1/331 and Al Mawda, 92)

So This Ramadan, let’s pledge to follows these examples by this extraordinary human being and try becoming a better person.





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