Five of the Best Eid Collections Which You Should Not Miss

Here is the ultimate solution for your Eid dress, we just shortlisted some of the best Eid Collections 2018.

As Eid is just few days away now, everyone is out shopping for it. Some people get done with it before ramzan to get rid of all the hassle while some wait for the new collections till the end.  Everyone wants to look their best on the festival. For girls, it’s a best dressed competition. Similarly, for designers, it’s a competition to come up with their best work. Every designer is busy working on their Eid collections 2018. Some are already in the store while other are launching soon.

As everything is in fashion these days, its even more difficult to choose a dress this year.

Last year was all about shararas. While it’s more difficult to decide this year as everything is in fashion these days. From plain shalwar to tulip shalwar, from straight trousers to boat cuts and from long shirts to short shirts, everything is trending. This results in too many options for everyone making them confused about which trend they would want to follow this Eid.

Though we are getting tired of those three-piece designer wear with laces and patches.

On the other hand, buying those designer lawns with too many patches and laces is getting boring now. People have had enough of them. Now everyone wants something different yet trendy.

Don’t worry guys, we have done all the searching for you.

If you are looking for something trendy yet different from those three-piece designer suits, you just clicked at the correct link. Here are five of the trendiest yet different Eid collections 2018 for you.

Zara Shahajhan:

Zara Shahajhan Eid collections 2018 is worth looking at. She came up with very different clothes this year. The clothes are not only different but very up to date. Her eid collection is simple and chic, perfect for the hot eid this year. She worked in all overs which got our attention as its one of the trendiest thing these days. All overs are in fashion internationally and also give us vibes of simple days when there were no lawn wars.


Misha Lakhani:

Eid collection 2018 by Misha Lakhnai just left us wowing. It’s so simple yet traditional and trendy. These days printed dupattas with plain shalwar kameez are very much trending. Misha Lakhani came up with the same concept for her collection. her collection includes block printed or embroidered dupattas with plain suits and it’s just amazing. Her collection is very traditional, if you get a suit from her collection don’t forget to buy your jhumkas.

Agha Noor:

Agha Noor is a got to place if you want beautiful semi formals in reasonable prices. If your budget is not much this year, you should definitely check out Agha Noor stores. This is a store which has a solution to every problem. Kurtas from this store can never go wrong. It can help you find a solution to every problem.

Rema & Shehrbano:

Rema & Sherbano always come up with very girly cuts and it’s the same this year as well. Cutwork is also one of the latest trends of the year. Even international brands like Zara couldn’t stop themselves from adding it to their collection. Rema & Sherbano came up with some of the very pretty cutwork kurtas which you guys should definitely check out.


If you guys want to outdo yourself this Eid and want some very Indian sarees or clothes, then you should check this online store. ORRA is a Pakistani store selling Indian clothes and yes they are beautiful. They have some very pretty sarees and dupattas which you can get for a plain suit. They also have three piece suits which are very different from what’s available in the market. If any of you wants to stand out and have a completely different look, you should check this store.

Hope this will help you in deciding you Eid outfit. In the end, you should wear what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Wish you look the best this Eid. Do share your Eid selfies with Popcorn Media News as well and let us know what you wore.

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