Some Summer Amazing Hairstyles You can Easily Carry This Eid

As weather is getting hotter and hotter, it’s very difficult to carry out your favorite hairstyles. If you are a girl with frizzy hair, then this weather is a nightmare for you. It’s not possible to have straight hair for long as soon as you step outside. Blow-dries and curls often fail to long last in this weather even. Hair get frizzy and greasy very quickly due to sweating. However, there are some summer hairstyles which are not only very stylish but very easy to get.

Some of the best summer hairstyles you can easily carry this Eid to complete your look.

They are classy enough to be tried on this Eid as well. Eid outfits are incomplete without a chic hairstyle. So here are the best hairdos for summer 2018 and perfect enough for Eid as well.

Twisted bun

Twisted buns give a very royal look. It’s one of the easiest hairdo and looks very elegant. It looks equally stylish with both eastern or western wear. If you are planning on wear some anarkali cuts on Eid, this hairdo is a must to complete the look. It is one of the easiest formal hairdo.

Side braids

Side braid is an old traditional hairstyle which can never get old. It always looks graceful and stylish. It is also one of the easiest hairstyle to make. There are a lot different styles to make it. Some make it with twists in front while others like to have a loose braid. Whatever the style is, it is a universal hairstyle which can never run out of fashion

Loose side braid:

Twisted side braid:


Headband braids hairstyles

Headband braids hairstyles are perfect for girls with greasy scalp. As in summers, scalp sweats a lot and results in oily and flat hair from front. If you want to avoid flat front of your hair, try headband braids. it will help you from getting your hair flat while looking fashionable without much effort.

Voluminous ponytail

Voluminous ponytail is one of the best trends this summer. It gives a very stylish and girly look. This hairdo is very easy to make. Girls with thin hair should also try this style as it adds volume to your hair and gives a health hair look.

Double braided ponytail

Double braided ponytail is also very much in fashion these days. It is a low key ponytail with braids on sides. Gives you a red carpet look by just following few simple steps.

These hairstyles will help you look stylish through out the party in the hot summers.

These are the best Summer Hairstyles for 2018 and will go perfect with your Eid looks as well. Up-dos and braids are also the safest hairstyles in this heat, these will help you have a stylish look through out the party without the fear of getting frizzy hair.

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