6 Good Deeds in Ramadan on the Path to Become a Better Person

Ramadan is that time of the year in which we revise the way we live our lives. We question ourselves on what we are doing and where we are heading. Our tilt is towards doing good deeds in Ramadan so that we may please Almighty Allah.

This Ramadan is no different. With its passing days, we are trying to perform as much good deeds as we can! And we know that ultimately, they will make us a better person. Sometimes we get confused over what to do and what to not. A point comes where our habits prove to be an obstacle in doing good deeds in Ramadan. But the solution is to have faith in yourself and fight with your nafs. Believe me its not that easy but its worth the try!

These six good deeds in Ramadan will make you a better person for sure!

Take small but steady steps at the start and you will have a grip of them in some time.


Attaining Takwa

It is crucial to develop closeness with our Lord this month. It is possible with Zikr, reciting prayers and controlling ourselves. To understand that sense that we are not doing certain things for the sake of Allah, develops takwa in us and makes us closer to Allah.

Helping Others

It is our duty to help those in need wherever and whenever we can as these are the deeds which will outweigh our sins on the Day of Judgement. Donating towards a good cause, a world emergency or a campaign are just a few forms of help. Even cleaning your room before your mom comes home is a type of help. And why not do it this Ramadan to be the best in the eyes of Allah SWT? These good deeds in Ramadan will surely make you satisfied by yourself and thankful to your Lord.

Feed A fasting Person

“Whoever feeds the person who is breaking his fast, he will have his reward, without decreasing anything from the reward of the fasting person.” — Prophet Muhammad . Feed a fasting person or poor people this Ramadan and get rewarded by Allah SWT. It also instils a sense of kindness in us for the people who cant afford basic necessities of life. This make the sinners like us be thankful to Allah.

Spend time with your siblings

To you, you’re just one person in the world. To them, you are the world. Teach them to pray, read Qur’an with them, give them all your attention. They’ll remember these times and be grateful for them.

Share your knowledge

Each day we learn something good and it becomes a deed. If we share this with others, we will get the same reward.
“Whoever guides [another] to a good deed will get a reward similar to the one who performs it.” — Prophet Muhammad


Forgive others and, most importantly, yourself. It may be incredibly difficult, but the reward is immense. If your Lord could forgive you for your previous sins, forgive yourself and everyone around you. It will take so much off of your shoulders. Quran terms forgiveness as the highest act of takwa. It is one of the optimal good deeds ,So try from today.

This holy month is the golden opportunity to multiply our rewards. So lets make the most of it by doing these good deeds.

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