Top Makeup Trends To Follow This Eid

As Ramzan is coming to an end, the excitement of Eid is increasing. Everyone is busy doing their last bit of shopping. Girls are buying trendy clothes and matching accessories to look their best on the occasion. However, no look can be complete without putting on some makeup. There are a lot of new makeup trends this year to be followed on Eid.

As weather is really hot so there are two important points to be kept in mind while doing your Eid makeup this year.

  • Always prime your face before applying the foundation for a smooth base. It also helps in making your foundation last longer.
  • Avoid applying creams on your eye lids as it will only increase the chances of destroying your eye makeup.
  • Go light on highlighter and only apply where necessary. Due to sweat face will get oily and added highlighter will only make it look even more oily.

Here are some of the makeup trends you can follow this Eid.

 Glittery eyes

Glittery eye makeup can never get old. It’s a trend this year as well. If you are doing heavy glittery eyes, then go with a nude lipstick to complement it. Also, it will look nicer in the hot weather to go light with lips if you have heavy eye makeup.

Glossy lips

Glossy lips are one of the favorite makeup trend of 2018 of every blogger and makeup artist. Glass lips are bold and speak out for themselves. Keep your eye makeup minimal with these lips. It’s also a trend to just wear bold glossy lips and keep the rest of the face empty. Perfect for summers as well.

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The No-makeup look

We saw how makeup artists were going crazy after this trend of no makeup look. It is perfect for Eid this year as well. As this Eid will be a really hot one, you should prefer minimum makeup. It’s a complete makeup look with the use of nude shades for eyes and lips. Looks very chic and natural.

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Cleopatra eyeliner

Cleopatra eyeliner is a trend taken from the runways this year. A lot of models were seen flaunting their dramatic black eyeliners on the runways. It just became one of the trendiest thing this year. You can apply it on Eid which will help your eye look big and prominent. Go for a light shade of lipstick with this look as your eye will be saying a lot already.

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Colorful eye looks

Colorful eye makeup trends are perfect for people with brown eyes. It enhances them even more. Makeup is all about enhancing the beautiful features you already have. We saw one shade colorful eyes to very dramatic artworks this year. It’s very much trending so you can go for anyone of these, whatever complements your look.


Color eyeliners

Color eyeliners are also a thing this year. A colorful eyeliner completes the eye look instantly and you won’t be needing a lot of work to do on them after it. If you wish to go a little light you can use one color eyeliner and if you want something bold then you can apply two shades.

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These makeup trends include some bold options and some for the people who prefer light makeup. Apply the makeup according to your dress but remember to keep the weather conditions in mind. Don’t go very bold with heavy eyes and dark lipsticks this season. Bright days make everything look bright, so go a little light on makeup this Eid.

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