Here’s Five of the Best Pakistani Dramas you Should be Watching

Over the years, Pakistani drama industry gave us some amazing dramas. While our film industry was struggling, drama industry took upon itself to entertain the nation. People used to wait anxiously for their favorite drama. The characters felt like our family members. In short,  the list of the best Pakistani dramas is endless and it’s hard to choose.

best pakistani dramas
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PTV produced best Pakistani drama of all times.

Although there were not many tv channels in the past, Pakistan produced best quality dramas. PTV stood alone in providing entertainment for us. But, the writing and acting were always remarkable. People still remember the characters from those dramas. Some of the best dramas of yesteryears are, Aangan Tehra, Khuda Ki Basti, Alpha Bravo Charlie, Dhuwan, Dhoop Kinarey, Ainak Wala Jin and Ankahi.

best pakistani dramas
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Five best Pakistani dramas of 2018

Similarly, our drama industry is still producing some astounding dramas. With the variety of tv channels, we have variety in dramas too. There’s something for everybody to watch. We have compiled a list of the best five dramas of 2018 for you.


It is a drama which is currently on air on ARY Digital. It is a story of a family which consists of diverse characters. The elders of the family are Mian Ji and his played by Samina Ahmed and Qavi Khan. Mostly, it revolves around their five children and their families. This family of four sons and two daughters, along with their better halves, find themselves in demanding situations. Although the storyline is typical, the dialogues are the best part of this drama. Also, the cast of Aangan consists of some strong actors. Other than Qavi Khan and Samina Ahmed, Irsa Ghazal, Noor Ul Hasan, Iffat Omer, Zainab Qayyoom, Wassem Abbas, Uzma Hassan are part of this drama.

best pakistani dramas
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It revolves around two characters, Sanam Khan a.k.a Khaani and Mir Hadi. While one belongs to a typical middle-class family, the other is a spoiled brat with rich parents. The story starts when Mir Hadi kills Khaani’s only brother and tries to settle the issue instead of taking it to court. Surprisingly, Khaani stands up against this injustice. She confronts Mir Hadi and files a murder case against him. Meanwhile, Hadi falls in love with Khaani. This drama shows the true picture of injustice and flaws in our law system. It stars Sana Javed and Feroze Khan.

best pakistani dramas
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This drama is based on Amrita Pritam’s Punjabi novel Pinjar. There’s a Bollywood film of the same name as well. It deals with the problems Hindus and Muslims faced during partition. The story revolves around Rasheed and Nirmala. Rasheed kidnaps Nirmala just before her wedding, to avenge his aunt. Before kidnapping her, Rasheed becomes obsessed with Nirmala and falls in love with him. Afterward, Rasheed’s family marries them both forcefully. Nirmala has to face the wrath of Rasheed’s family. It is a story of passionate love and overpowering hate. Also, it is a story of two disgraced families. Amar Khan, Adnan Siddiqui and Asma Abbas are the stars of this drama.


This is a story of sibling rivalry between two sisters, Arsala and Naeema. Also, its a story of how a misunderstanding can destroy a person’s life. Arsala is engaged to Atif but Naeema also likes him. She tries her best to break this engagement. However, when Arsala’s father sees her talking to Atif, he misunderstands and sends Arsala away. From there onwards, Arsala’s life becomes of a nomad, working in different relatives houses. On the other hand, Naeema marries Atif. Eventually, Arsala finds a good family and stays with them but her family refuses to accept her.


This is a supernatural realistic horror drama produced by Momina Duraid. It stars Shakeel, Amar Khan, Adnan Siddiqui, Sarah Khan. After winning a 32-year long court case against his stepbrother, Aziz moves to his ancestral house. However, the spirit of his long-dead stepsister comes back to haunt his family. Its been a while that we saw a horror drama on our screens.

Although there are hundreds of dramas on air right now, these are among our favorites. Hopefully, this list of dramas will be enough for you to binge watch while you wait for your sehri.

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