Pakistanis Stand United Against Oppression and Demand Justice for Khadija

1973 Pakistan’s Constitution, in its article 8 to 29, very clearly states and explains the fundamental rights of Pakistani citizens. All natives are guaranteed security. Furthermore, all Pakistanis have complete right to a fair trial. Sadly, the practical implementation of this constitution speaks a total different story. The recent issue of Justice For Khadija is in total contrast to this.

This constitution fails to provide to women when talking about practical implementation.

Khadija Siddiqui, a 24 year old law student is another example of failure of Pakistan, as a state, towards female rights. But here comes the harsh reality of our country. Justice for Khadija has been butchered!

History of the Case

Last year, Shah Hussain stabbed his classmate Khadija Siddiqui 23 times in broad daylight on one of the main roads of Lahore. After lot of struggles and threats, the court sentenced the culprit 7 years in jail. However, this sentence was reduced to 5 after an appeal.

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Recent Verdict

This happiness for justice for Khadija was short lived. On June 5, 2018 the court acquitted Shah Hussain. And yet again justice was slaughtered!

justice for khadija
Source: Dunya News

Khadija’s Interview

Khadija has expressed shocked and disappointment over this decision of court, while talking to Dawn News, in their Program ‘Zara Hat Kay’

“..beyond [her] imagination” that someone could get off scot-free after stabbing her 23 times.”

Going further in her interview with the host, Khadija said:

“He [the accused] is not a threat to me; he is a threat to society at large,”

(she said referring to Hussain, the culprit.)

Furthermore, she talks about the future consequences of this action of court:

“If he goes scot-free in this case, will he think his father will not save him when he commits the next crime? [Of course] his father will save him in the future as well.”

Chief Justice Takes Notice

Cheif Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Tuesday took notice of this case. In this case, it is about the acquittal of a criminal, Shah Hussain, who has been previously proven to be wrong. With attention to the details, Shah Hussain was convicted of inhumanly attacking a fellow law student Khadija Siddiqui with a knife.

This step of Chief Justice has also created a stir on social media. For this reason, Pakistanis have made it a point on social media that they are looking forward for the new hearing.

People from Media back Khadija over the retrial:

Twitter demands #JusticeForKhadija

#JusticeForKhadija has become the top trending hash tag, since the acquittal of the criminal

justice for khadija

Pakistanis stand united to demand justice. Furthermore, all Pakistanis including politicians, activists, journalists and celebrities came forward on social media offering their support to Khadija and demand justice.

Quoting the Celebrities on Twitter:

Even PTI member Asad Umar Stepped up:

Moreover, Opposition Leader Sherry Rehman also refused to accept this injustice:

In 2017, the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security ranked Pakistan the fourth worst country for women out of 153 countries. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. To demonstrate, this case of Khadija is an open example for the whole world which supports this ranking.

We as a nation need to step up and work together to create a better image of our country. Meanwhile, Justice for Khadija needs to be served to set an example for our fellow females.

We are standing with you Khadija. And we all demand Justice

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