Here are a Few Things Everyone Says When They are Fasting

Although Ramzan is the holiest of months, fasting in this heat is not easy. On top of it, we being our whiny selves, love to complain about everything. You just have to say a word and we can complain about it endlessly. For example, our dear politicians, all they do on TV shows is the whimper. They whine about ‘mujhay kioun nikala’, they whine about how we made the road, the bus service, and nobody appreciates us. So, it’s very normal when people, who have no electricity all day long and are fasting in this scorching heat, groan and complain.

Here are some of the things people say when they are fasting:

‘Kisi ne mujhay sehri k liye kyun nahi uthaya?!’

First of all, that’s your fault that you’re late for sehri. Nobody told you to start watching that lit TV show exactly when sehri starts. You know what happens when you start watching lit shows, they suck you in, you lose track of time. Besides, you’ve been eating junk all night long, do you still want to eat ‘paratha anda’ for sehri?

‘Yaar sehri main ziyada paani peena chahye tha.’

Obviously, it’s a stomach, not a well. There’s only so much it can take. You should have prioritized before eating. You should have known this would happen because it happens EVERY DAY!

‘Mujhay to bhook lag rahi hai aur abhi sirf 12 bje hain. Sara din kese niklay ga?’

Relax, man. You’re not going to faint. Stop being so dramatic. You’ve been sitting in your room with AC on. Nothing’s going to happen to you. I mean, it’s not like you have moved or gone outside in the heat that you’ll feel dizzy.

‘Honestly, I just want to jump into a big swimming pool.’

Right! If you had kept your false promises and joined those swimming classes, it would have been possible now.

‘Roza khulnay do bas pura tub paani peena hai.’

Oh please! We all know you’re going to chug glasses of milkshake and rooh afza. Water is the last thing you’re going to drink. Maybe a sip or two?

‘Ammi, aj aftari main kuch different hona chahiye.’

Honestly, shame on you! When she asks you to do something, you start whining how you’re fasting in this heat. And now, you’re asking her to cook you fancy cuisines. She’s fasting too.

‘Since you guys make the same food every day, I’m going out for aftari with friends.’

Are you sure you have money to spend on aftari? I mean, you have already wasted so much of it on useless online shopping. And two packages are still not delivered. Besides, look at the rates of aftari buffets. You can only afford it if you sell a kidney or two, or beg your friends to pay. Is it worth it?

‘So, Ammi, aj main ghar hi hu aftari pe. Pakoray zara ziyada bana dena.’

Good decision, mate. Save some money for the rainy days. Also, nothing like homemade pakoras.

‘Aftari ka time hai. ARY lagao ARY’

Yes, finally. Now stuff your face with pakoras, samosas, milkshake, rooh afza. After that, order some pizza or burger and eat until you can’t move. Then keep eating till sehri and repeat the cycle.

Although we complain and whine all the time (that’s just who we are really), we cannot deny the fact that Ramzan is our favorite month.

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