Five Reasons to Watch “Chalay Thay Saath” on Netflix Right Now

Chalay thay Saath is a Pakistani romantic comedy which released in 2017. The leading cast included Syra Sheroz, Mansha Pasha, Zahlay Sarhadi, Osama Tahir and Khalid Tahir. One of the most important aspect was the debut of a Chinese actor in Pakistani industry. Kent. S Leung is the first ever actor to act in a Pakistani film.


The film is about four friends who go on a road trip to beautiful Hunza Valley, Gilgat.

Apart from the trip with friends, it also shows a love story between a Pakistani girl, played by Syra and a Chinese guy, played by Leung. It is the first ever Pakistani movie focusing on Pak-China relationship.

For acting movie deserves 10/10.

All the actors were new to the films; they had worked on TV before only. Though they all knew how to act really well.

Movie definitely had some flaws.

First half of the movie is really good and the story plot goes in a really good flow. However, in the second half, the story is cut short and suddenly Pak-China love story begins. Later on, every scene feels incomplete so the director could have worked more on the story plot. Also, the story of Faraz and Zhalay just fade away suddenly although it could have been a great addition to the plot.

But two things in the movie saved it.

One of the things which saved the film is its music. The tracks are perfect and successfully captures the attention of the audience.

The other thing is the mesmerizing views of Hunza valley on the screen which are captured perfectly in every frame. Those views will really motivate you to pack your bags and hit the road for Hunza.

Only if the movie makers had worked a little harder on the script and editing, it could have been a beautifully amazing movie.

Recently, the movie was added to Netflix which made us thought of few of the reasons everyone should watch it.

There’s nothing wrong in giving it a try.

Shows the beautiful side of Pakistan

source: gulfnews

The movie showed the true beauty of Pakistan in a perfect way. The beautiful views and valleys will make everyone fall in love with Pakistan. It can help in giving a boost to tourism in Pakistan.

Focuses on Pak-China friendship


It is the first ever Pakistani film focusing on Pak-China relationship. It will help bringing the two countries closer. As the movie was also released in china, it will help Chinese understand Pakistani culture better.

Portrays the true colors of our culture

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The movie is about family, friendship and love which are the main aspects of our culture. It portrays our culture in a perfect liberal manner. The father daughter bond showed by Syra and Behroze Sabzwari is beautiful.

Love has no language


Chalay thay Saath proves that love has no language or boundaries and rules. Despite a huge language barrier as Adam doesn’t know Urdu, Resham falls in love with him. The movie tells us that love is not planned and neither is it perfect.

The movie breaks a lot of stereotypes as well.

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In the movie, Faraz fells in love with a divorced woman, played by Zhalay, who also has a daughter. His friends oppose him first but then realize what a beautiful person she is and give him their green signal. they broke “Haww Haye divorcee with a child” stereotype very nicely.

Will make you daydream about a trip with your friends


The movie will make you call your gang and plan a trip to Hunza. When you see group of friends having a great trip in a beautiful valley, you crave to do the same.

Lets support Pakistani cinema.

Despite some flaws, movie is worth giving a try. As our cinema is struggling try to make a comeback, Chalay thay saath was a big step towards the success of cinema. We all should support Pakistani cinema and play our role in bringing it back to life.

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