This Fashion Show In Saudi Arabia Did The Weirdest Thing Ever

Every year, the fashion week season brings a lot of excitement with it. We wait anxiously to see the collections by international designers. Apart from that, street style trends are a big thing. You just cannot get tired from all the hype on social media. However, Saudi Arabia had always kept itself away from all this fashion week frenzy. Until recently, there had never been a fashion show in Saudi Arabia. But now, things are changing under the reign of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Recently, Saudi Arabia lifted the ban on women driving and started issuing driving licenses.

The first ever fashion week was held this year in Saudi Arabia.

In April, first ever fashion week was held in Riyadh. Designers from all over the world took part in it including Jean Paul Gaultier. However, he was not in attendance because no male designer or model was allowed to attend. Also, it was only women event and no photographers were allowed.

Source: Vogue

This month, another fashion show took place in Jeddah but with a twist.

Unlike the previous fashion week, this fashion show used a unique way to display the collection. Instead of (human) models, they used drones. Yes, you read that right. Same drones that people use to make videos, were used to showcase clothes. One of the Twitter users posted a video clip of the show. The dresses fluttered through the air like a ghost from a B rated movie. It is bizarre and weird.

In an interview, one of the organizers of the show, Ali Naki Akbar said,

 “The show is the first of its kind in a Persian Gulf nation and preparations have taken two weeks. The decision to show off the goods using drones ‘is suitable for the month of Ramadan’ and we have spent a long time thinking about how to decorate the entire event accordingly.”

As usual, Twitterati had some thoughts about the fashion show in Saudi Arabia.

This guy instantly thought of Ghostbusters.

But she’s thinking Scooby Doo.

Or Harry Potter, choices are endless.

Sad, but true.

However, this guy got some ideas from it.

Having said that, this is not the first time when drones replaced humans.

Earlier this year, Dolce & Gabbana used drones to display their handbags at the eveningwear event, ‘the Secrets & Diamonds’. Modern technology is the new rage for fashion shows.

Despite the fact that evolution of technology has many advantages, this level of dependence on technology is scary. Although we know about the disadvantages of its excessive use, this is a whole new thing. Looks like robots and drones will replace humans earlier than we expected.

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