Lionel Messi and Co. Cancel Match in Israel for Humanitarian Reasons

Lionel Messi is hitting the news again. And this time it’s not a trophy earning him the headlines, it is a friendly match. Who would have thought a friendly match can attract headline seeking controversy? But yes it has. Argentina called off the friendly match with Israel. This match was scheduled to take place on Saturday, 9th June.

The Israeli embassy gave their statement in this reference.

“The Israeli embassy is sad to announce the suspension of the match between the Israel and Argentina national teams scheduled for Saturday 9 June, as a warm-up game for the Russia World Cup.”

Anger from Palestine

Avigdor Lieberman, Israeli Defense Minister, said that cancelling games shows Argentina has surrendered to hateful remarks from the Palestinian community.

Furthermore, Leiberman publicly shared his views on Twitter.

“It’s a shame that Argentina’s footballing nobility did not withstand the pressure from Israeli-hating inciters.”

On the other hand, Fadi Quran, the organizer of campaign against this match claimed that this cancellation of match is a symbol of sympathy. Moreover, it shows Argentina supports Palestine.

Fadi is not willing to let go of this win

“We believe the main reason this game was canceled was that the Argentinian team got the facts”

Fadi did not let the Israeli government take a low blow on this.

The decision was made as a moral and ethical stance. I think it is an Israeli spin to try and frame it as being due to threats.”

Palestinian Football Community

In addition to above, Palestinian Football Community stated

“Lionel Messi is a “symbol of peace and love” and the match was being used as a political tool.”

The Palestinian Football Association (PFA) also welcomed the decision. Moreover, they went a step ahead and thanked Lionel Messi. Messi had become the focus of campaigners’ efforts to stop the match.

Jibril Rajoub, the president of the PFA, is also not letting this win of Palestine go down in bad reputation. Rijoub gave out a statement:

“Values, morals and sport have secured a victory today and a red card was raised at Israel through the cancellation of the game.”

Israel is blaming Argentina for the cancellation while Palestinians are rejoicing over it. Argentina is gloomy because this match was a preparation for the World Cup 2018. But in all this, fans of the star player Lionel Messi, are suffering because they were hoping to see him.

Lionel Messi is Still a Hero

In all this chaotic situation, fans are still supporting and showing their love for their player. Lionel Messi gave a statement:

“As a Unicef ambassador I cannot play against people (Israel) who kill innocent Palestinian children.We had to cancel the game because we are humans before footballers.”

Fans have gone head over heels over Messi’s statement.

People throughout the world are showering Messi with Love

Fans show their love via amazing caricature skills

Nevertheless, fans are divided over who to blame for the cancellation. While the Israelis and Palestinians continue with their bashing, the fans of Lionel Messi are disappointed. Not only they lost a chance to see an action packed match, they also missed out on a chance to see their favorite player in action.

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