Some 90’s Cartoon Network Shows We Miss Even Today

90’s kids are considered the luckiest generation as they got to experience some of the best games and TV shows. These kids are from the era right before smartphones took over the childhood. The trendy tagline “only 90’s kids will remember” bring back many memories, making them nostalgic. One of the favorite channel of 90’s kids was The Cartoon Network.


Kids could watch this channel 24/7. 90’s kids even invented a game named “cartoon network”. This is how much this channel was loved and valued.

From 90’s till date, there has been a huge change in the cartoon network shows.

The cartoon network had pretty great shows in 90’s, which are still missed. Let’s go down the memory lane with some of the best shows of cartoon network.

The Powerpuff Girls


The powerpuff girls were three young superhero girls, Blossom, Buttercup and Bubbles. They were the accidental creation of Townsville scientist, Professor Utonium.

All three of them had different personality traits. The red powerpuf girl, Blossom, was the most mature among the three. She was considered a leader. The green powerpuff girl, Buttercup, was very aggressive. She was the tomboy of the group. The blue powerpuff girl, Bubbles, was the most innocent and childish among the three. She was considered the baby of the group.


Powerpuff girls were always ready to safe their city from different enemies. Their biggest enemy was a monkey, MoJo JoJo. He was as famous as the powerpuff girls, mainly because of his name.

Oh and not to forget, those girls had direct contact with the mayor of the city.

Johnny Bravo


Johnny bravo was the biggest hero of 90’s cartoon network shows. He was a self-obsessed man who had broad upper body and very small legs. He wore a plain black shirt and had blonde hair which were always on point. Johnny bravo had a flirty nature. “Whoa Mama” is his iconic phrase which is still very popular with 90’s kids.


He tried to gain attention of women but always failed due to his silly tactics. It was a comedy cartoon network show. Still brings a smile on 90’s kid face. We can say that he was 90’s Pindi boy.

Courage The Cowardly Dog



It was the scariest show to watch in 90s. These cartoons were about a dog, Courage and his owners, Muriel and Eustace. Courage and Muriel loved each other while Eustace was not a big fan of dogs.

Their house was in the middle of nowhere. Every episode had a different terror story where weird creatures would try to harm Courage’s owners. Despite his fears, he would do everything to keep his owners and his house safe.


And how can we forget their iconic television set. Most of the ghosts would enter from it.

Dexter’s Laboratory


Dexter was a secret genius scientist with a secret lab behind his room wall. Despite being super intelligent, he kept his lab a secret because of his parents. Obviously, he didn’t want to be grounded. There was only one person who knows about his secret, his sister, Dee Dee.


Dee Dee was a clumsy girl with extra-long legs while Dexter was a very short heighten boy. His biggest rival was another secret scientist, Mandark, who was in love with Dee Dee. Many 90’s kids dreamed of having a secret lab after watching Dexter’s.

Wish these shows make a come back on Cartoon Network.

These cartoons were full of innocence and fun. Today’s generation is definitely missing out the fun 90’s kids had watching them. Writing this just made me so nostalgic, might be searching a few to watch right now.

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