Ten Things That are True For All Chai Lovers

Chai lovers

We cannot neglect the importance of chai in our lives! Asians tend to have more chai and less blood in their bodies. Tea is the solution to every problem, a constant staple and the best partner to pair all the snacks with. Therefore, chai lovers take their tea very seriously! Tea is an addiction which they are happy to nurture and accept! To “non chai lovers”, this may seem weird but it is real.

We totally understand the sentiments of chai lovers and so, we bring you a list of ten things that are true for every chai lover, (including me)!

Tepidophobia- Fear of a badly made cup of tea

Now this is 100% true! Chai lovers are very choosy about their teas. They tend to experience its rich taste and aroma with every cup. Therefore they have teidophobia, which is a fear of badly made cup of tea. Whenever tea lovers have to go out with friends or family, believe me this is the only fear which makes them paranoid! To avoid teidophobia, they prefer staying at home with their heavenly mug of tea.

Chai lovers

We despise doodh patti!

Oh yes we do! How can anyone be so insensitive to put tea leaves in a tasteless pot of milk! Although doodh patti is also a much loved drink around Pakistan. It is a favorite drink for our truck drivers, but real tea lovers would stay away from it. Because tea and milk are completely different in nature. Although milk is added to tea eventually but tea is never added to milk. If this happens then expect a disaster as a result!

Chai lovers

Color of the chai MATTERS!

Now did you know that there is a color meter of tea? No you didn’t if you are not a tea lover. The rich and strong color is the identity of a tea cup! The color decides whether its “karrak” or just water with leaves! Tea lovers say that if the color is very light of your tea, then it is Mazak not chai!

Chai lovers
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Gee bilkul. Mazak nahi sirf chai!

It is a Mood Fixer

If chai lovers are having a bad day, then you can fix their mood with Chai. As it is a “Hug in a Mug”, it has the ability to shoo away all the negativity and boost their mood.

Chai lovers

We Prefer it in a Mug rather than in a cup

Yes it may sound weird to you but true chai lovers prefer their tea in a mug. A mug can have more tea, gives more space to soak in the aroma and smell its taste every time we sip it! Mugs are the china from Paradise and our tea is nothing without them.

Chai lovers

First thing in the morning

Tea is what we have on our minds when we wake up. It kick starts our day with caffeine activating all those sleepy neurons in our brain. It makes us active and workable.!

Too Many seives

Commonly known as “chaanni” and “chalni” in India, is used to stain tea in a cup. Tea lovers tend to have a collection of sieves in their kitchens. Lets just say they like collecting all the “tea accessories” because of their love for tea.

Collection of teas

Tea addicts have a collection of different teas in their homes. They like to experience different tastes which these numerous “leaves of magic” have to offer. They develop their taste pallet by trying out from a vast variety of teas and collecting teas becomes their everlasting habit.

Chai lovers

Love for Chai and Biscoot

The bond of chai and biscuits is unbreakable. Their combo is eternal and is loved by even non tea lovers. Biscuits always accompany tea as its best counterpart. From the shelves of the kitchen to our trollies, they are inseparable!

Chai lovers

Chai for Every time and Every Place

Chai is welcomed by tea lovers always: Anytime, Anywhere. They don’t mind it having again and again because Tea is and always will be their first love.

Written by Fatima Sajjad

A journalist in the making. Meanwhile exploring the world with the power of "Words".

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