Here Are 5 Books that changed the Way I Think and Why

Word are empowering. Words have the power to mend and break. Similarly, inspiring books create a huge impact on people’s life. Books let you live different lives. Furthermore, they teach you about life from different other perspectives.

Here is a list of 5 inspiring books i adore. And they all taught me ALOT!

Origin by Dan Brown

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(spoiler alert)

Technology is revolutionary but Deadly.

The book by Dan Brown is a practical demonstration of the Artificial Intelligence Technology, apart from being a thriller. Moreover, this suspense novel is based on technological advancements in multiple fields. Origin is all about technology replacing humans, in every aspect of life.

One main factor of this book is that science has created technology replicating human mind, called AI. Going further in the story, AI becomes the reason behind the tragedy of the story. This proves that a machine, no doubt how intricately designed and created is a machine following orders.  The machine can write a best seller level book, create the best poetry lines but cannot THINK like a human mind. This book taught me that technology cannot be trusted to operate individually. It requires a human mind to function, no matter how intelligent it is!

Dan Brown, via origin, teaches replacing humans with technology, in the form of robots is DEADLY!

The Secret Shopper’s Revenge by Kate Harrison

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This book is about 3 different females, struggling in their lives and eventually come across a new secretive job. This job is a mystery in itself, for the ladies, and unbelievably attractive. Secret Shopper’s Revenge is about mystery shopping.

This book is about giving hope to struggling people, in ways no one could imagine. Furthermore, it taught me that sometimes giving in to luck, blindly, is the best thing that could happen.  The mystery shopper job is unique and unheard of. But when these girls take the leap of faith and take it, the job does wonders for them.

Life of PI by Yann Martel

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This book turned into an Oscar Winner Movie, created quite a buzz when the movie came out. It is about a young boy, named Pi, who survives a ship wreck. Also, Pi is alone and left adrift on a lifeboat. Moreover, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, PI is learning to survive in the company of a zebra, a hyena, an orangutan and a 450-pound Bengal tiger.

This book taught me the power of faith! Furthermore, it teaches never to give up. Amidst all chaos and hopelessness, keeping faith is tough but the only ray of hope. Pi was stuck on river for 227 days and his faith kept him alive! His strong will on not losing hope eventually took him to land and he survived.

“Solitude began. I turned to god. I survived”

This is the popular quote said by PI.

This book has a lot of lessons and is one the most inspiring books of current times!

Forty Rules of Love By Elif Shafaq

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Love is undefinable!

This book is about the love between an apprentice and his master. It tells a total different definition of love. Furthermore, Forty Rules of Love teaches love is selfless.

I read this book, a month after I was engaged to be married. And it not only changed my perspective towards human love, it taught me the essence of love itself. In addition to it, Forty Rules of Love, changed my perspective on Life, Relations and of course God!

This book teaches that love is not about you. Instead, it’s about compromise and patience. Not to forget, that true love is divine live

And yes I stepped into my married with a revised perspective towards human love and a rejuvenated connection with the Creator.

Forty rules of Love is one of the most inspiring books of all times!

My Feudal Lord by Tehmina Durrani

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Source: Goodreads

I read my feudal lord when I was 19. In that age, publicity, fame and name seemed very attractive. But this book changed my viewpoint. An inspiring book, it tells the story of the wife of an infamous politician Mustafa Khar. Moreover, it unfolds the devastating tale she lead while married to Khar.

My Feudal Lord taught me, no matter what, how important ‘keeping a good face for the world’ is. Tehmina Duranni never, even for once, let her face show the grief in her life. And that’s an exemplary example. Since then, I have learnt to never let the world know your weaknesses. Because it will only exploit you!


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