13 Times I Wished Victoria Beckham was My Wife

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham are one of the most popular celebrity couple. Even after 21 years of togetherness, they are still couple goals. Their family is so adorable that no one can stop themselves from falling in love with them. They always post their love and support for each other on social media. Despite many rumors, they both are going strong together.

Victoria has always been a stabling wheel in their marriage.

In these beautiful 21 years, despite many storms created by media, Victoria can be called the stabling wheel. She worked hard on her family and her career to earn all she has today.

The way Victoria manages her family and career is worth appreciating.

She definitely deserves some credit for keeping each member of her family so happy. She proved herself to be the best in every relationship. Victoria is definitely a role model for every modern girl.

There were times when I wished Victoria was my wife.

Yes! She’s this perfect.

She praises every little gesture by David Beckham.

No one does this, women focus more on complaining. However, Victoria makes sure she tells her husband that his gestures are noticed and appreciated.

Victoria makes sure that her husband feels confident about himself

She really gives her husband a confidence boosts every now and then. No matter how popular someone is, self-doubts do take over sometimes. Victoria makes sure David never feels that way about himself. And, compliments him in the best way possible.

Victoria never lets rumors damage her trust

She trusts her husband so much that what people say doesn’t matter at all. Despite rumors of David’s’ affair, she makes sure she tells the world how much she trusts her husband. She always shows her support and tells that no such storms can harm their relationship.

She always tells David what a great father he is.

David and Victoria are popular for being great parents to their four kids. Victoria’s Instagram screams how much she cherishes David for being the best father to their kids.

Still looks this great at 44.

She is 44 but can anyone of you believe it? She looks beautiful and so fit. I am a big fan of her glowing, healthy skin. And, can we please talk about her super chic style!

She has a great relationship with her mom-in-law.

Victoria has managed to have a great relationship with David’s mom as well. She always wishes her mother days and makes her feel loved as much as her own mother.

She supports David in every cause.

She supports her husband in every step of life. Recently, Victoria and David gave away their wedding outfits for auction for We Love Manchester Emergency Fund.

A celebrity mom without a nanny

Despite being a busy career woman, Victoria never hired a nanny and managed her all four children herself. She gave them a lot of time so they could have a normal life. This makes her a supermom.

A successful entrepreneur.

Victoria Beckham was the initiator of Spice Girls, a very popular music band, which broke down after few. But, this never stopped her. Now, she is a well-known fashion designer. With her hard work, she made her brand among A-listed brands.

She never misses her fitness regime.

Despite being a busy business woman and a devoted mommy, she manages to fit in her fitness regime somehow. She said in an interview that she goes for a run early morning and then serves breakfast to her kids. That is not all, she also takes out time for her training with PT in evening.

Victoria Beckham
source: pinterest

I wonder how she manages all this?!!

She really has a sense of humor.

Though we always see her straight face on the red carpet, but in real life Victoria is hilarious. We often see her sense of humor in her Instagram posts. Sometimes even David cannot stop himself from sharing Victoria’s funny moments.

She is great at multi-tasking.

Being a busy career woman has never come between her motherhood. She manages everything through multi-tasking. Victoria posted her picture on her Instagram story while having her breakfast on school-run.

Victoria Beckham
source: Instagram

You are definitely amazing when your husband says it.

This is all the proof one needs when husband says it out loud. Victoria is so amazing that even David Beckham cannot stop himself from accepting it.

Victoria Beckham is definitely the woman of the decade.

We all need to learn a thing or two from Victoria Beckham. She is a successful businesswoman, a devoted wife, a loving mother and a perfectly fit woman. Is there anything she’s not? She is definitely a superwoman.

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