This Twitter Thread Is The Punniest And Funniest Thing On Internet Right Now

Over the years, the internet has become an essential part of our daily life. We just cannot function without our phones, laptops, iPads. We feel the constant need to check our Facebook and Twitter for any kind of news. While the news is important, we cannot take a single bite of our food until we have taken a picture for Snapchat or Instagram. We are living a digital life. Basically, it’s the same what happened to Smeagol when he found the One Ring.

“And we forgot the sound of trees, the softness of the wind, we even forgot our own names. We swears to do what you wants. We swears. My precious! My precious!”

Among these websites, Twitter is the most popular.

Ever since it’s creation in 2006, our lives revolve around tweets and hashtags. We are always a hashtag away from the latest news about entertainment, sports and politics. Our favourite celebrities are within our reach. We can pour our hearts out (or bash the shit out of them) any time we want.

Because of it, everyone has become a digital comedian.

It gives us 140 characters to flex our humour muscles. You can spend hours scrolling and laughing. Also, it helped people to express themselves in ways they were could before. It has produced some of the funniest tweets of all time which should go in the archives.

Here are some of the funniest tweets of all times.


Pakistani people are among the best digital comedians.

Pakistani people have the ability to turn any situation into a funny situation. Actually, this is our coping mechanism. Similarly, social media is one place where we can be our funniest selves.

A couple of days ago, one Twitterati, Rana Talha Afsar started the funniest thread on his account.

He posted a punny status featuring a character from the hit tv show, Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

After that, Charles BOYLE made an appearance.

Also, Holt was involved.

Meantime, more people started joining in. 

Everybody’s favourite Uncle Majboor was a part of it.

Oh dang! This song!

I mean, how creative are these people!

Seriously though, can you see him?

This is one of the classics.

Similarly, this is another brilliant use of an amazing classic.

Lastly, the award for the punniest and funniest tweet goes to,

Although we may not be the perfect nation, we are one of the funniest. When it comes to comedy, nobody is as creative and brilliant as Pakistanis. Since our road to success is always under construction, we take a detour through comedy.

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