Verdance Cafe DHA Lahore – Food Review

We hear there’s a new restaurant in town and it’s called Verdance Cafe.


PopCorn Media has vowed to bring to you everything latest so we decided to try out the new Verdance Cafe in Y-Block DHA, Lahore.

Across a certain Kitchenette and by the wasabi not-so-specialists, Verdance opened its kitchen in mid-February. The ambiance hits you right when you open the door. The theme is so on point, it,s almost soothing to just there. I absolutely adore the high chairs and green plants on the first floor. The lights are in perfect sync to the walls and the decor.

The menu is pretty extensive and you will find some signature dishes on there. Away from all the cordon bleus and parmesan chickens there is something unique in every portion of the menu.

We ordered a charcoal pizza that was recommended by the very courteous Mr. Abid who took our order. Also ordered a beef tenderloin steak, fettuccine Alfredo pasta and garlic chicken mushroom.

So let’s talk about the main star first. The charcoal pizza was a thin crust wonderland. The smoked chicken was perfect, the toppings were all fresh and the cheese was perfect for a gourmet pizza. It looked great and it tasted even better.

Verdance Cafe

The chicken and black mushrooms was a very non-experimental dish and this could not and should not have gone wrong. The chicken was perfectly cooked, the garlic was balanced with the sweetness of the gravy. I would have liked a slightly bigger portion of rice on the plate. The chicken portion was generous and I finished the rice before I was done with the chicken.

Verdance Cafe

Beef tenderloin was wonderfully seared on both sides. Loved the Dijon mustard sauce but could have had more grilled vegetables than mashed potatoes. A simple yet fulfilling experience. It came with a special drink that they call “Green Dream”. It,s an Italian soda and was very refreshing.

Verdance Cafe

Verdance Cafe

Let’s talk about the pasta. I would have ordered pesto but fettuccine Alfredo was house recommended. The creaminess of the bechamel sauce was perfect. The pasta was very fresh but it was slightly low on seasoning. A good dusting of Parmesan would have done wonders to the dish. The portion was very generous.

Verdance Cafe

I must mention the presentation of all the dishes. The plating is half the taste of the food. It was elegantly presented. Every plate centered the main star of the dish. I particularly liked how the beef tenderloin was presented.

Coming at dessert, I ordered a tiramisu cake slice. It was fresh and hinted of a coffee aroma. Wasn,t too sweet and wonderfully finished off the evening for me.

Verdance Cafe

Special mentions here for the staff who were polite, well trained and courteous. Half of your complaints (if you even have any) would just go away with the brilliant smile the in-house staff would flash at you. They were nice enough to allow me to take a picture of them as well.

Verdance Cafe

Food: 8.5/10
Ambiance: 9/10
Service: 10/10
Pricing: 7/10

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