How to Fight off Depression the easy way? Here are five easiest ways to fight Depression

Depression. The most depressive word in English language. Lets not kid ourselves that we are alien to this word. Recently,  a guy committed suicide in front of Khaana Kaaba in Makkah. This shows how the whole world is a prey to this menace and its time that we do something to fight depression.


The Contemporary times realize its importance and that is why Psychology is such a developed discipline now. But there are still some people who term the psychological help or counselling, as being mad. As we are trying harder to achieve our goals, our friend depression is a constant! Our fast paced lives don’t leave much time for us to introspect or think about ourselves. So Today, we bring you 5 practical yet easy ways to fight depression.


How to Fight Depression with these five remedies.


Exercise and Meditation

So this comes a lot in handy! Exercise releases those “feel good hormones” known as dopamine in your mood. With a maintenance of a healthy body, it also boosts up your mood and energy levels. You should exercise 3 times a week for minimum twenty minutes. You can perform jogging, weight lifting, walking, cycling, rope jumping, and yoga to alleviate depression. Try doing breathing exercises. They are a life saver and will make you Ok in no time!


Writing Therapy

If you cant tell someone about how you are feeling then it is best to write about it. Writing is the Pride of Introverts and Psychologists encourage it very much. It is the most easy and cost effective way to vent out your frustrations and emotional garbage! It makes your mind clear and focusable. So  grab that pen of yours and free your spirit by Writing.

Teas and Caffeine

Didn’t I tell you that Tea is just LOVE. Well now its even more loveable as it is a cure to depression. Yes guys. A shot of caffeine and some anti oxidants is what you need to shoo this depression away! In this matter, herbal teas come in handy. Ginger, peppermint, Cranberry, are some famous teas for fighting depression. Plus they are readily available. Besides, a mug of coffee is always welcomed by people like us. Always up for some caffeine boost!



Sounds funny but its true. This power packed food helps overcome anxiety and depression by increasing serotonin levels and decreasing stress hormones, this triggers feeling of calmness. Take one cup of soy or rice milk and add 4-5 tsp of oatmeal to it. Cook well. Add honey and dry fruits to it. Consume it daily as it relaxes your brain.  Who knew Fighting depression was this easy?


Hydro therapy : Just take a cold Shower and it will do the magic!

Please welcome our natural and biggest source of power here, Water. Water is not only a drink but it would be better to call it the Ultimate Magic drink. This clear fluid has the power to sustain LIFE! So lets make the best out of it by consuming it the right way. Hydrotherapy is the usage of water with a certain pressure and temperature. This is used to cure Multiple sclerosis, nervous system, Musculo skeletal system, cardiovascular system, etc. Just take a cold shower and it will do the magic! It will enhance the blood level of beta-endorphin and noradrenaline and activates sympathetic nervous system. High density of cold water in the skin generates electrical impulses from peripheral nerve endings to the brain. It will also exerts a positive effect on spinal segmental mechanisms. So you see, why not leave everything and jump in to shower to fight depression this time.



We cannot say that Depression will not be your guest again because Ultimately its You who has to put a stop to it. But using these ways to fight depression, the chances are less that it will return.


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