11 Thoughts That Go Inside Every Girl’s Head While Waxing.

Waxing is one of the most dreadful one hour of every girl’s life. No matter how much we hate it, it’s an essential and we cannot deny the importance of it.

Every month, we know it’s time to call Nasreen baji, Khalida baji or whatever your waxing wali aunty’s name is.

After every month, we all girls start feeling messy and untidy because of unwanted body hair. Though we try to avoid the fact that we need waxing for as long as we can. We restrict to the clothes which can hide the bushy hair on our arms and legs. But, soon everything starts to fail.

When the time comes, there are many thoughts which go through every girl’s mind.

The moment wax wali enters the house different thoughts start popping in every girl’s mind.

We all think of a way to back out.

After making an appointment for waxing, we all deep down wish she cancels on us. Sometimes, we think of using alternative options. But, it’s too late and waxing wali aunty is already at the door.


Think of the easiest part to start with.

We all plan to go from easiest to the toughest part. So, we can satisfy ourselves that half of it is over.


Wonder what waxing wali would be thinking of your body.

Hoping that the waxing aunty is not judging your body in her mind. It makes us so conscious.


Thinking if she would be judging you for long hair.

Also, waxing wali makes every girl conscious when her hair has grown really long. We really worry what she thinks about us.


Wonder why she talks too much while you are trying to act like a dead body.

All girls think how to tell her to shut up while you are trying your best to act like a dead body.


Waiting for the pain to make you cry, while lying there.

The moment you are all set to bear that pain when waxing strip is all set to be pulled.


Comforting ourselves and telling it’s not that bad again and again.

Every girl keeps telling herself that it was not that bad hoping it will reduce the pain.


Shocked when she shows you all the hair she just plucked, was this necessary?

Really can’t understand the need to show the plucked hair, just to embarrass us?


Calculating how much time is left till it ends.

Every girl keeps checking the clock to calculate the remaining time.


Yes! It’s over! One complete month of FREEDOMMM!

The moment of victory once waxing wali says “lein jee ho gaya”. Every girl has this happy moment of thinking how she can have a peaceful one month now.


Touching the baby skin, feeling proud of ourselves.

Once waxing wali is gone, we all touch our baby skin and feel proud of it. Its the moment we are ready to conquer the world.


No matter how much we hate it, we will still get it done every month because beauty comes first. Girls can bear any pain to look beautiful.

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