The Lost Innocence from the Streets of Syria

Syria has been the center of war since a long time now. The civilians have had their life torn apart, limb from limb. The social media paints a horror while the digital media purses its lips.

When you Google Syria all the headlines would be about destruction, bombings, chemical shelling and death. As if nothing good ever happens in Syria.

The recent UN Security Council meeting decided to impose an immediate ceasefire. Don’t be fooled by this because the ceasefire’s only reason was to make way for the gravely injured to get out to safer areas. There are so many dead bodies to recover from the affected areas.
Days after the ceasefire, Damascus was hit by one of the worst bombings ever. Even going by the Syrian war standards this was devastating, killing over 500 innocent people including children and women. The events that must have transpired after such a critical bombing is not something any of us can imagine sitting comfortably on our couch.

The most affected by all of this have been the Syrian children. Khaled Hosseini wrote in his book “The Kite Runner”:

“There are a lot of children in Afghanistan, but little childhood.”

We seem to have not learnt from Afghanistan and the loss of so many innocent smiles. The worst part of the Syrian civil war might just be that. So many videos of affected children have made their way across social media. The world sees the crying children with their shocked expressions and bloody torn clothes. The world sees but doesn,t do anything.
I remember the little boy from the Aleppo bombing. He was pulled out of his own house, bruised and battered. That innocent child was so shocked that he couldn,t even cry. He was pulled into an ambulance in an utter state of horror.


These children grow up under fear of airstrikes. Imagine having a childhood that includes more dead bodies than candy. A childhood where you just have to grow up fast because the world is killing you. These children do not know what a playful mood is, they have been brought up to see what a cruel world it is.


Syria is bleeding says the trending hashtag. All the world,s hearts should bleed with them. Syrian children are the same as all our children. They have the same hopes and wishes of a better future. The recent bombings in Ghouta have shaken us all. What looked like an end to IS and the seven year war has been throttled back to life again.
The never ending thrift between Iran and Israel, the forever long enmity between US and Russia, and the Kurdish forces VS Bashar. What is the endgame in Syria? Where does all this stop

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