Sex is Cool and All but Have you Tried these Oddly Satisfying Things?

We all know what SEX means to us. Number one need and sadly, the reason for population density. But ANYWAYS IT IS THE HIGHEST AND MOST CHEAPEST SOURCE OF PLEASURE! Although Sex keeps exploring new dimensions but it is still the most cost effective and readily available pleasure. But our topic is hardly about sex. Its about those oddly satisfying things which are as equal “pleasure givers” as sex. But, we ignorant peasant don’t think about them much. No?

So lets refresh your mind and tell you about five most oddly satisfying things other than sex.

You cannot deny that pleasure which comes after doing one of these!

Wiggling your pinky finger in your ear.

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No I am not weird and neither are you. Its hugely and oddly satisfying to wiggle your pinky finger in your ear. You will actually feel your limbs relax after taking in all the orgasm which it produces. According to Doctor Todd Dray, surgeon at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center-Santa Clara, Ear has a certain G spot.

Wait, What? Yes I dropped my laptop too

“There is a spot near the ear drum that, when touched the right way, “tingles,” says the Doctor. “”For one person, it may just be a tickle. For another person, it’s a mind-blowing experience.” 

Then why not wiggle your devious pinky in your ear for a mind blowing experience. And above all, it is even socially acceptable!

Popping Bubble wrap

Our childhood’s best memory. We loved those bubble wrap sheets and had an odd satisfaction when we popped them. That sound! Just so relieving! Little did we know that it is a source of pleasure. Many experts compare it with having an orgasmic pleasure. This might be less scientific but the pleasure factor remains constant.

I am thinking if its okay for anyone to pop bubble wrap if they don’t have a date tonight? We can always try…

Saada Haq

Getting to Pee after holding it in for a while

Holding pee back is like spending your time in Hell. Nothing is more satisfying than getting to pee which has been held back for quite some time! It is not oddly satisfying but greatly satisfying! Scientists say that holding pee back and finally getting to do it relaxes the musco skeletal system on the whole. It also clears our tissues to breathe more oxygen.

Next time you are having a bad day, have a bottle of water. Hold back the urge to pee and pee in the evening. You will have the time of your LIFE!

We know Memes

A stretch-Yawn Combo

Annnd we thought k “aisa to filmo me hota hai!”. But we are thankful that in real it has its own benefits. The thing is that all our emotional comfort is determined by our muscle tone. That means stretching makes us emotionally light and yawning my friends, helps ward off sleep and invigorate the body. But their combo is amazing! Because it is the source of ultimate pleasure! it actually is on top of the list of oddly satisfying things.

Aesay he nae kehtay “rise and SHINE”!!!! This is the reason behind it!

Health Press

You, Me and Autumn Leaves

As much as it is romantic, it is a source of pleasure too. That rustling sound which is produced when our feet crushes those brown, crunchy leaves. The sound is better than a pack of crisps. Besides it is hugely satisfying. Like its LIT!


So How about a walk with your date in an Autumn evening?

These ways are probably less scientifically proven, But the human brain is bound to feel those heavenly orgaaasmic feels when they are done! Besides, why not avoid all the “Haw hayes” and keep having pleasure while sitting in our living room. Think about it.

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