Everyone is Going Gaga Over This New Drama Suno Chanda and Here is Why!

Arsalan and Ajiya are a gush of cool breeze in the scorching heat of June, this summer. Furthermore, their on screen chemistry is like enjoying a cool mint margarita with a twist of lemon! Yes thatโ€™s the level of enjoyment and satisfaction this duo, as a couple, is offering to its viewers in their drama serial Suno Chanda.

This Hum TV serial is a family drama, offering decent desi family comedy with beautifully crafted romance between the pair.

Moreover, neither the comedy has gone overboard to the level of insult, nor the romance has crossed the barriers of indecency. As a matter of fact, Suno Chanda is a breadth of fresh air, amidst the utterly disturbing plots shown on screen nowadays.

Arsalan (Farhan Saeed) and Ajiya (Iqra Aziz) are north and south. Explaining it further, Arsalan is a typical Punjabi larka, with a very laid back attitude towards life. On the other hand, Ajiya is a ambitious career oriented girl, interested in pursuing a degree in London.

Most compelling point of the story, around which the whole plot rotates is their forceful nikkah.

The knot was tied by their grandfather. The onscreen bickering, fighting and love of the couple reminds us of all time favourite Tom and Jerry Cartoons!

This show has taken everyone’s heart and makes post iftari time enjoyable.

The typical desi munda (with manners and respect) and an educated career oriented girl.

suno chanda
Source: Hum TV

Further, Nadia Afghan and Farhan Saeed are a blast together

Next the amazing cast

suno chanda
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And The title track is sung by Farhan Saeed Himself

Obvioulsy Pakistanis Love Inter Family Banter

Ultimately Cousin marriages and the drama that follows is Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki

The sharm, lehaz and izzat of the Suno Chanda couple

The story moves ahead with innocent love between the couple. Moreover, their small efforts to reverse the cancellation of nikkah. Obviously, this new twist of story, makes the play a ride full of emotional romance, applaud able family bantering and intense yet exciting twists and turns. All in all, this beautifully written simple plot will surely take your heart away.

The story continues to gets more intense along with the chemistry between Arsal and Jia. Lastly, Suno Chanda will end with an 80 min long special episode.

Hang in there people, the best is yet to come!

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