Five Ways to Detox All That Unhealthy Food You Binged On this Eid

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Eid festivities call for parties, get-togethers and gorging on delectable dishes. These dishes, as I speak, are far more yummy then our boring Diet food. After Eid, People are seen to maintain a strict diet. Well that is understandable. As there is lot of junk stored in our bodies.

At present, Detox is the new way to cleanse the body and loose weight. Also those magical antioxidants are great for the body health, metabolism and weight loss. So if you are worried about that junk lot stored in your tummies, then don’t be as we bring you Five ways to detox your body. Plus its more good than our monotonous diet food.

Five ways you can Detox all the Unhealthy food you binged on this eid.


Yes we are not a fan of harsh “cleanses” that so many diet programs employ. We like it doing naturally and that is always the best way.  Eat plenty of fiber. Brown rice and organically-grown fresh fruits and vegetables are enough to flush out the toxins, say experts. Besides, adding of these foods to your “diet food” will make it more healthier, reliable and effective.

diet food

Take vitamin C: 

This helps the body produce glutathione, a liver compound that drives away toxins. That is the reason why doctors emphasize on drinking orange juice and others of Citrus family. They aid in digestion, release antioxidants in the body and detox our bodies the right way! Also, Juices always add a bit of flavor to our boring diet food.

Drink more water:

Here comes our life saver!  Keep your cells hydrated and healthy by drinking at least 2 quarts of water daily, say experts (especially after you’ve hit an unhealthy patch). We can safely rely on water if we don’t have any other way. Its Natural of all and is the best.

Take Deep Breaths:

Did you know that deep breaths also aid in detox? Normally they are known for relieving stress and maintain heart heath and blood circulation. But they help us in eradicating those toxins as well. Breathing deeply lets more oxygen circulates through your system. It forces out carbon dioxide and your body is more oxygenated. This is by far, the shortest way of Detox.

Try breathing deeeeply next time.


Not forgetting the tremendous benefits of exercise, we are not surprised that it helps in detoxifying the body. How? The sweat that is the outcome of various exercises is actually the flushing out of toxins. The perspiration helps our tissues to release excessive water. This way they rejuvenate and store more oxygen. So, what are you waiting for?

Try these five ways of Detox and add a boost to your diet food. Also, that unhealthy junk will find its way out of your body!

Written by Fatima Sajjad

A journalist in the making. Meanwhile exploring the world with the power of "Words".

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