Hearts Go Out To Family of Deceased Careem Captain – Junaid Mustafa

Careem captain Junaid Mustafa, 24 years old, was just the same as you and me. He was young and ambitious and much like everyone else was trying to put his time to good use by driving a Careem car.


Sometimes you come across a news flash that really rubs you in the wrong way. Sudden deaths, tragic deaths and young deaths are really heart wrenching. The same happened when I came across Junaid Mustafa’s smiling picture and the horrific news that came with it.


Careem Captain, Junaid Mustafa, shot dead in Islamabad.


The 24 year old driver lived in Rawalpindi. He was driving his Suzuki WagonR, which was also stolen, in Sector D-12 of Islamabad when he was shot dead – allegedly by the passengers.

If you are a Careem captain or a regular customer, you’d know that most people driving a Careem are either students or people who need some extra money to make it through their day. I use this service daily for my commute and have often had a decent conversation with the Captains. Junaid Mustafa could have very well been one of my Captains.
I do not know him, now I never will, but my hearts and prayers go out to the deceased and his family. Words cannot express how dreadful they must feel right now.
Careem has issued official statements of regret over the issue. Here is the statement they issued on their social media accounts right after the event:

The Careem driver fraternity has shown deep sorrow upon the shooting of their peer. The drivers arranged a protest march in Islamabad and 9th Avenue was effectively blocked by the number of cars

Careem also claimed that they had provided all the necessary information to the investigation authorities and are co-operating to their maximum. They have been in contact with Mustafa’s family as well.

While a life lost can never come back, such events stir up your conscience and your soul. People all over social media are showing their concern and grief over this situation. Hearts go out to Mustafa and his family for what is a loss they cannot recover from.

Mustafa and many other cab drivers work tirelessly day in and day out, effectively making all our lives easier. At odd hours like 3 in the morning you open the app in your phone and there is a car two minutes away that will take you anywhere. These drivers have my respect because the job is tougher than it looks, the money is lesser than it seems. I hope the authorities take this as an eye-opener and respective measures are taken for the security and job benefits for these drivers. We all hope that the person responsible for Mustafa’s murder is caught soon.

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