16 Life Quotes Everyone Knows are True By The Age of 25

Life needs inspiration to move on and evolve. This inspiration comes from various aspects of our lives. It can be anything. Ranging from stones that we see alongside of pathways to that special ingredient that we put in our meals while cooking. But we cannot deny that huge dose of Inspiration which comes from the amazing life quotes. These quotes are golden words said by completely normal human beings like us, or by great thinkers and philosophers.

Our blog today, recognizes those golden quotes which prove to be true to every 25 year old. Interesting, no? So lets refresh your memory by remembering these beautiful life quotes. And yes we are old enough to realize that they are TRUE!!!!!

16 Life Quotes that we claim to be true when we reach our 25th.

For stupid beginners like us

It is a world of entrepreneurs and forward thinkers and a dose of inspiration is all that we need. It is natural to be scared but its even more worse  to not to try. So gain all that courage and follow your dreams. As Buddha said

life quotes

To the Power of Consistency

Remaining consistent is the hardest thing to do. But this quote proved itself to be true when we applied it in our lives.

life quotes

Our Beloved Dreams

Because Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, You can do it”. That is 100% true!

life quotes

When we did the Impossible

When our will power and hard work made us come over every milestone with a smile. This quote proved to be true:

life quotes

Upon learning new things

It is about the time when we took our mistakes positively and were not afraid of trying new things. As that is the only way to Learn. I am sure this quote would have helped in that

life quotes

We are all Ears!

We are impatient when it comes to listening. But life did teach us that at some points, we have to be patient and listen what others have to say. Only then, an effective communication will take place. Also, this life quote is the one to stick around with.

life quotes

When life forced us to be Daring

We cannot deny that we never accepted challenges at this age. No matter of what nature were they, they still managed to make us bold and courageous.

life quotes

and yes we totally agree with it.

When we were hesitant of being creative

Every person has some talent and that is where the art of creativity lies. We found ourselves hesitant to show what we could create. little did we know that we were creating a universe of our own. And this quote helped us to never to loose that creative streak in us.

“Creativity is the art of building universes out of nothing”- Danny Sullivan

life quotes

Our Perceptions

Bringing flexibility in our perceptions is what make us better people. We have been trying hard enough to do that. Because it is to our ability to see a situation from every aspect that made our perceptions about life a bit better. This life quote helped in that

life quotes

To The Mighty Act of Change

We still make a face  when we have to change our schedule for some important errand. Changing our lives is such a drastic act that its hard to imagine but we still go through it because we were born like this

life quotes

Stupidity Persists

Life did prove to us that we are stupid. As greatest minds in the world were said to be stupid because no one accepted their originality. Therefore, it is better to accept that our stupidity will persist and the quote from this sheer genius just proves that

“Only two things are infinite, the universe and Human stupidity, and I am not sure about the universe.”- Albert Einstein.

life quotes

Our Constant Food for thought

This quote surely built our self confidence. It is time that we realize that we can be awesome without being better than anyone else.

life quotes

When we failed

Trust this life quote to save us from those deadly negativity which comes after every failure

life quotes

To our Working Together

It is well known that collective working brings out substantial results. No wonder proper workshops are conducted on teamwork and workforce. As this quote suggests too.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

life quotes

To laughing out loud

Because laughter Is the key to happiness. Need I say more?

life quotes

And At last, To Moving on

Life has been hard on us but we have mastered the art of letting things go. No? because no matter what, Life goes on. Like this quote

life quotes

We cant deny that our twenty five years were a beautiful assortment of these life quotes, and We are thankful for it!

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