Here Are The Funniest Memes Yet From The FIFA World Cup 2018

Unless you have been lost in the Himalayas, you must be aware of the ongoing FIFA world cup. This year, Russia is the host country for this event. Football fans waited for four years for this prodigious event. The time has come for their hopes and dreams associated with their favourite team to come true (hopefully). However, these days no big event is complete unless there are thousands of memes about it. Similarly, we saw millions of funny world cup memes this year as well.

Immediately after the world cup started, meme gurus got busy and produced some very funny world cup memes.

Come to think of it, memes are the best way of showing one’s creativity. For some people (me), one of the coping mechanisms is looking at funny memes. FIFA world cup 2018 is no different. All those football fans who couldn’t make it to Russia to watch the game will be taking solace in these funny world cup memes.

Here are some of those funny world cup memes.

World cup or not, we all should be like Arun.

funny world cup memes
Source: 9gag

Woah! That must have hurt.

Source: 9gag

The training for before the game is very tough.

funny world cup memes
Source: 9gag

Neymar’s haircut is legendary.

Is he a Disney princess?

Imagine him doing the commentary.

funny world cup memes
Source: 9gag

Next time if someone comes to talk to me, this will be my reaction.

Like seriously?

This year, the world cup comes with many surprises.

funny world cup memes
Source: Memecenter

What else are friends for!

funny world cup memes
Source: Memecenter

This is so relatable.

Save England. They’re in GREAT danger.

This is hilarious.

Is this how you treat your friends, Russia?

Robbie Williams being himself.

I mean, how else are you supposed to celebrate?

For sure!

Bruv, you pissed off Angela!

They deserve to celebrate.

Although the FIFA world cup is in its initial stage, the memes coming out are already incredible. World cup or not, memes are the best way to deal with every situation in life.


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