Peek Freans Tugs at Heart Strings with New “Cake up” Ad

You will surely have seen the new Peek Freans “Cake up” ad on your television. The perfect melodious original soundtrack, the story and the script. Everything has been designed to pull at your heart strings. Even if you aren’t a very emotional person this ad will make you want to hug your mom.

The Peek Freans ad focuses on the fact that a mother always knows what her children are up to and what they want. It shows a working mother, who sends her son a different flavor of the new product Cake Up in his lunch box.

Along with the cake is a hand written note. The child thinks his mother is too busy to even listen to him but when he goes to school he finds that what he wanted for lunch is right there. The note inside says that no matter how busy she gets, she will always know what her child wants.

This continues the next day too with the child getting a new Peek Freans Cake Up flavor, and a new life lesson every day.

She teaches him how to apologize for his mistake without feeling bad about it.

She teaches him how to always tell the truth no matter how bitter it may seem to you.

The ad is a brilliant example of how to use emotions and positive feelings and put them into a well written and well directed advertisement. The story that the ad follows is not something unique and that’s what makes it relate-able. Every mother and child relationship is the same way. A mother would always know what their child wants and all life lessons are taught to you by your mother.

The ad finishes on a wonderful note when the child sends half a cake up and a note to his mother. The hand written note from the child gives the concept that a sweet thing becomes even sweeter when you share it.

Pakistani adverts are getting better and better each day. Agencies have come up with great concepts that are visually and emotionally appealing. Notably the ads from Peek Freans, Nurpur, Oreo, Shaan, Bakeri and Gul Ahmed have made a mark.

The great thing about all these ads have been their massive public engagement and the relatable factor. The Peek Freans ad has made us all realize how the role of our mothers have been vital in our upbringing. The lessons our mother has taught us with love and affection are things that will stay with us forever.
Very subtly Peek Freans has introduced a new product that is bound to stay in our memories because of the wonderful story it came with.

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