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Who Is Priya Prakash Varrier And Why Is She Winning The Internet?

Priya Prakash Varrier

You might not know the name but you must have seen her pictures and videos floating all over the internet.

Priya Prakash Varrier is one of the many internet sensations that received fame overnight.

You all must be thinking how this girl who was a total nobody before has reached the heights of internet fame just like that. But this is just how the internet works sometimes.

Let us tell you more about Priya. She was seen on the trailer of the new Malayalam film “OruAdaar Love”. She is on screen for literally ten seconds but that time was enough to make the internet a smitten kitten.

Priya is seen winking and smiling on the teaser of a song for the movie and that smile is what has won the internet for today.

Priya’s smile is really pretty and the actress’s wink at the end just adds fuel to the fire. Her face is the latest content for hundreds of memes and her social media pages shot up massively after her viral video.


People have been comparing her social media pages to major other actresses of Bollywood and she has shot past them in popularity as many people have started following her online.

Priya is literally a bigger social media entity than the football club giant Tottenham Hotspurs

The actress has now been verified on her Instagram profile as a result of the massive viral-ness

The hashtag of her name #PriyaPrakashVarrier has been trending ever since the video came out.

Priya has been the talk of the town and rightly so, because, have you even seen her smile? Just look at how adorable she is. Those raised eyebrows, those pursed lips and those dark liner eyes. The latest internet’s crush is just beautiful.

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