Mehwish Hayat Reveals That A Benazir Bhutto Biopic Is On Its Way

Benazir Bhutto is the only female to serve as the prime minister of Pakistan. Also, she is the first woman to head a democratic government in a Muslim majority country. Her life is an inspiration for women all over the world. Recently, news came out that Benazir Bhutto biopic is in the making.

Mehwish Hayat hinted that she was to star in Benazir Bhutto biopic.

Yesterday was the 65th birthday of Benazir Bhutto. Mehwish Hayat posted a picture of herself reading a book about Benazir on her Instagram account. She hinted on playing the lead in a Benazir Bhutto biopic. However, she did not make any confirmations.

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"We have broken glass ceilings, we have broken the stereotypes, and we have been and continue to be prepared to go the extra mile, to be judged by unrealistic standards, to be held more accountable." Today would have been Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto's 65th birthday. It is an ideal time to reflect on her undoubted achievements. I have never really been a political person but leaving that aside there is no denying the great strides she made for women's empowerment and equality in our country – everything we are still fighting for even today. There was a time when she made women believe that almost anything was possible – she gave us hope and inspired us to reach for the stars. I am privileged to have been given the opportunity to research and learn more about her life and sitting here I can only reflect on so much more that could have been had she not lost her life so tragically. The sign of a true leader is the legacy they leave behind and the reverence with which the people remember her irrespective of party allegiances. She was a truly remarkable woman and I look forward to giving life to her story soon. ☑️ #MH #MehwishHayat #lostinreality

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As always, Twitterati had a lot to say about the news of Mehwish Hayat playing the lead in Benazir Bhutto biopic.

This person is NOT a Mehwish Hayat fan.

People do not think she is the right choice.

Meanwhile, some people are more interested in who’s going to play Zardari.

However, this guy had a person in mind for Zardari’s role.

People gave different suggestions for the main lead.

While this discussion was going on, Benazir’s daughter Bakhtawar was not pleased about this biopic.

Bakhtawar Zardari posted a tweet and expressed her displeasure about the news of Benazir Bhutto biopic.

To which, Mehwish Hayat replied with this tweet.

Although Mehwish Hayat is a very talented actress, we have a person in mind to play Benazir Bhutto.

She may have given us hit films like Jawani Phir nahe aani, Actor in Law, Punjab nahe jaunge, we do not think she is the right choice for this role. According to us, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh can do full justice with this role. She acted in the famous drama of the 90s, Des Pardes. Although she has left acting and is a Scottish politician, we think she is a perfect choice. She has a bit of a resemblance with Benazir Bhutto and can speak Urdu with an accent.

Also, we hope that the biopic shows us Benazir as the daughter, wife and mother instead of the politician. Lastly, we hope that whoever is going to play the lead, can do justice to the role. Hopefully, the film would not be a disaster.





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