How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer Than Ever Before

It is the happiest moment if you come out of the salon fully satisfied with your new hair color, as its often rare. Most of the girls come out with doubts about hair color problems they might be facing. While some leave a little confused about what they think of their new hair.

It seems like every girl is getting a hair color these days.

These days a large variety of hair color is trending, from browns to blonds to rainbow ombres. Similarly, there are a lot of techniques which are getting very popular like balayage. Bleaching your hair is also very common these days.

If not handled correctly, hair color can damage your hair badly.

Often girls are seen upset about their hair texture after dying them. A lot of salons are using Olaplex hair treatment to save the texture from the damage. It works as a protector while chemicals work on your hair.

Once you have dyed your hair, your trips to salon increase.

After a little time, color fades out or hair regrow. In this situation, the color loses its real touch and gives a very untidy look to your hair. Not to forget the regular charges to the salon also increase.

Well, there are few tricks you can use to make your hair color last longer and delay your salon trips.

Eye shadow for retouch

If you see few new hair and color fading out from roots, you can apply an eye shadow to cover them. Take your eye shadows and apply it to the roots with your makeup brush to cover them. It will help you cover the new roots temporarily so you can delay your salon appointment for few more days.

Moisture them regularly

Moisture the tips of your hair with some oil and tie them into a braid. The moisture will help the color to stay longer. Coconut oil can be a good option.


Use apple cider vinegar

It’s good to wash your strands with apple cider vinegar mixture once a month. Mix one-part apple cider vinegar and three parts water, wash your strands after shampoo with it. It will help in refreshing the highlights and will add shine to your hair.


Skip shampoo

Washing your hair with shampoo every day is a major reason of hair color fading away too quickly. Avoid using shampoo every day to make the color last longer.

Instant root concealer

There are many new products in the market which might help you with storing your hair color longer. One of them is instant root concealer. It’s a spray which helps in retouching the roots instantly. One of the most popular spray s by L’Oréal which comes in different shades.

Hair color looks beautiful if treated using the correct techniques.

We often try to save money and end up with the wrong person to trust with our hair color. This is a major reason why we face hair color problems. If you have decided to get a new color, always try to find the correct salon for the service. After all, it’s about your hair which has a major impact on your overall look.

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