Yousuf Falooda – Serving the King of Desi Desserts in the Heart of Lahore


We lahoris possess an intimate love for food. Our love for food makes us track down those hidden food joints which promise to serve the most delicious food. Likewise, desi food has a special place in our hearts and so has Falooda. Those magical, crystal sawaiiyan floating in majestic Kulfa and rubbery is too hard to resist isn’t it?

In General, Walled City is known to serve the best falooda in its newly made Food street. But every weekend, an hour drive to our destination is not very inviting!. So we hunted down the food places of Qaddafi Stadium and found heaven on earth. Namely,

Yousuf Faloda – Our one stop shop for the king of Desi Dessert

So ladies and gentlemen, this hidden food joint in Qaddafi Stadium is bound to satisfy your crave for desi sweets! As the name suggest, The shop serves Falooda. There are various types of it like, Rubbery, double kulfa and with chia seeds. The shop also serves Kulfi separately. Not to mention the taste is absolutely yummy. Na ziyaada meetha na kam. Just the right dose of sweet that we need!

Besides, their serving bowls were clean and they serve it in ample quantity.

Small pieces of ice are an add on to that yummy bowl of Falooda.

The best about this place is its locality. Its close proximity to areas like Model Town, Garden Town, Township, Muslim Town and Iqbal Town saves more time and your petrol too! And people from DHA and societies near the airport can always use Ring Road to reach this yummy spot in a short while. The staff is cooperative. They wont mind if you call them to get an add on of extra kulfi or chia seeds.

So peeps, what are you waiting for? Rush to yummy space for an ultimate falooda experience!

Written by Fatima Sajjad

A journalist in the making. Meanwhile exploring the world with the power of "Words".

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