Is Kalsoom Nawaz Alive? Is She Ok? All the Unanswered Questions About The Ex-First Lady

Kalsoom Nawaz, the wife of ex Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif has is no more. Unofficial reports claims that she suffered a cardiac arrest on June 15th, 2018 which she did not survive. Even though initially doctors were able to control her situation but not for long.

The Man Behind The News

This report hit social media like wildfire and the whole nation shocked. The source of this news is a man named Farooq Malik Bangash and he spread the following message on social media:

Today at 09.15am I made it through all hard way to 79 Harley Street Clinic, London, W1G 8PZ. All doors closed, all entries banned…  To my luck, I was taken in by one of the UK’s most famous surgeons, Dr. Ellamushi, Spine Consultant, who in June 2006 brought me back to life from my permanent paralysis and disability, and to whom I dedicated my book, “The Birth of a Bomber”, then. Kulsoom Baji is in Cabin 3d, lying there from weeks. Her Nurse, Miss Andrietta Ingie, as her nameplate shows, is a Bulgarian born British. I confirm unchallenged that this honorable lady is No More in this World. She is medically declared dead. Unfortunately, it is for the first time in Harley St history that a dead body is put on artificial machines, well paid and all managed for some nefarious designs.

All PMLN members interested to visit there in person are welcome to call me on my number +44 7889884678 and must endeavor to make it there anytime between 3 pm and 6 pm. Shame on Nawaz Shareef and his Most Hatred Daughter Maryam. Playing with sober deaths. They are animals, rather even worse. I curse myself and deserve unconditional severe penance for having supported MNS for last 15 years. This man, MNS, is beyond any human description.

Farooq Malik Bangash London, 22 Jun18.

Another Controversy For Nawaz

This news further aggravated the situation for Nawaz Sharif, creating a controversy that Nawaz Sharif is hiding behind his wife’s, Kalsoom Nawaz, bad health and ventilator cover story to remain out of Pakistan till election results are announced and favorable governments are formed.

People did not spare the ex-Prime Minister. Infact, the openly put forward shameful remarks

The Other Side

Hussain Nawaz has denied any such reports.

“She is still gravely ill and risky patient and on ventilator (life supporting machine) although she is in better health position and more stable as compared to the first day when she suffered a cardiac arrest in Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the hospital”.

In reference to this, Shafiq Naqi, a journalist quoted on social media that Kalsoom Nawaz is in better condition and claimed he was there in London. He further quoted:

“I met with surgeons who are quite hopeful about Kulsoom Nawaz’ better health condition”.

Nawaz Sharif is always surrounded with controversy. Be it his daughter, sons and now his ailing wife, Kalsoom Nawaz. Nawaz Sharif May God Bless you and your circle of controversies!

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