The Last Episode of Drama KHAANI was Just Too Sad or Us.

Pakistani Movies may not be good enough but Pakistani Dramas sure give a hard time to everyone! Indian dramas are no match to our realistic and creatively worked out serials. Our TV serials have the power to captivate the audience in their mind blowing stories. Speaking of which, a serial just like it has grabbed our attention lately. Its Khaani on Geo TV. And Khaani’s last episode has left a long lasting impact on us.

Khaani’s last episode is unforgettable! And it has made us sad!

Khaani’s last episode brought a much-awaited drama in the story when Mir Hadi kidnapped Khaani on her wedding day but Khaani’s words truly touched his soul and we never saw Hadi more affected like this before! The last episode begins as Khaani gets back home in time when her family is about to call off the wedding. The wedding takes place and the couple makes promises to be together in the future and love each other.

Here, Sana Javed brings a charm to her character that is a treat to watch and she has beautifully portrayed the “headstrong” impression that makes Khaani’s character one of our favorites.

khaani's last episode

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