Sergi Roberto – The Bandwagon Everyone Is Jumping On

The glorious 6-1 night, The Remontada,gave Barcelona fans more than what they could have ever hoped for. It gave us a revamped Sergi Roberto. It was the best comeback in football history and everyone knew that if there was ever a team that could have pulled that off, it was FC Barcelona.

The night was dark and full of terrors in Paris. The fans were devastated and awaited a miracle. FC Barcelona saw a lot more than just a victory over PSG that day. They saw all their hopes and dreams aligned in those 90+6 minutes.
They felt their heart break and fix itself in those 90+6 minutes. They felt the importance of team spirit and sheer determination in those 90+6 minutes. They saw the rise of a star from the dust in those 90+6 minutes.

Sergi Roberto.
The unsung hero from La Masia.
Sergi had always been in the wings waiting to shine when his time came. He has been associated with the club since 2006 playing with La Masia and Barcelona B. He is currently among the few Masia stars that were able to climb their way up to the A team. While others steered away from the club, Sergi stayed. He had one goal – to do something great for the club, with the club.

Ever since he started he was seen as the ultimate successor to the Barcelona midfield throne that belonged to Xavi and Iniesta. Sergi Roberto had to wait for his success and his chance came with Coach Luis Enrique. Lucho convinced him to stay at Barcelona and play as a right back.
This was a less lucrative position than what he had initially wanted but we saw Sergi Roberto rise to the sky on that position. His pace, football intelligence and unmatched box to box work made him stand out from the rest. He was in the right position, at the right time and when he makes a pass it, s like the whole football field just disappears. That pass is all you see.
Tracking forward to now, Roberto has come a long way.
If you ask any Barcelona fan, they all agree that he weighs more than his weight in gold. His contract renewal this year was the most awaited one after Lionel Messi. Barcelona board loves him, Barcelona fans love him, and he loves FC Barcelona.

“We all know him. Versatile players are important, and while he’ll play more as a full-back, Sergi Roberto can be a midfield pivot or a winger and do a fine job.”
Luis Enrique, former Barcelona coach
Time and again Sergi Roberto has proved himself vital to the system. He is one of the most versatile players we have and this season, under Ernesto Valverde, we have seen him shine brighter in the midfield as well.
The linkup play with Rakitic, Busquets, and Messi he has claimed a permanent spot on the team.

The bandwagon of loving Sergi Roberto is what everyone is jumping on now. He had been a star in the eyes of former coaches even before and the Number 20 at Barcelona made quite the impression.
“Sergi Roberto is a player to look out for over the next few years. When he bursts onto the scene, he’ll catch a lot of people by surprise.” JosepGuardiola, former Barcelona coach.
Pep knows when he sees a star and the metamorphosis of the young Sergi Roberto as a Barcelona club legend is near to completion now. What he means to the club and to the fans is something unique and it is special. He might not be one of the greatest footballers of all time, but Sergi Roberto has a legacy of his own.

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