Pakistani Twitter Is Ablaze By The GPA Debate and It Is Getting Hot

Every day, there’s a new trending hashtag on social media to waste our precious time. Basically, social media is where millennials live (myself included). Among them, Twitter is that aunty of the family who starts all kinds of drama. Although we have a choice to avoid any drama, but who are we to resist the temptations. These days, Pakistani Twitter drama consists of GPA debate and I can’t even.

This time, Pakistani Twitter drama started when a Twitter user posted a tweet about CGPA.

A Twitter user posted a tweet about CGPA. According to him, it’s just a number and does not determine your success.

In response to this tweet, a psychologist to be posted this tweet and all hell broke loose.

People started pouring in their opinions about CGPA and it started another Pakistani Twitter drama.

This guy does not agree with Miss Shah.

According to him, the experience is the most important thing.

While others agreed with her.

This guy thinks low CGPA means less motivation.

GPA doesn’t measure intelligence.

She shared her own experience.

Meanwhile, she explained how someone with high CGPA can also fail.

According to this person, CGPA does not always help in the real world.

She makes a valid point.

If you wish to make your mark abroad, you need high CGPA.

However, CGPA does not determine who you are as a person.

While one girl summed up this whole discussion in a series of tweets.

She made a list of pros and cons.

In the end, she gave an excellent conclusion.

Although GPA is important but it does not determine a person’s intellect and talent.

Some of the famous and successful people who are school/college dropouts.

Bill Gates

Mark Zuckerberg

Steve Jobs


Oprah Winfrey

All of these successful and famous people are examples enough that GPA is just a number. It does not make you the most talented, creative or intelligent person. Most of the times, it is the dropouts or people who do not attend college who are successful in life. While it helps to have a higher CGPA mentioned on your resume, you should not just rely on it. Your abilities, talent and creativity are what matters the most.

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