Some Of The Important Constituencies In Lahore To Keep A Look At In The 2018 General Elections

Lahore is one of the most populated city of Pakistan. Mid 2006, Government estimated Lahore’s population somewhere around 10 million. This makes Lahore the 2nd largest city of Pakistan in reference to population. Every city will be segregated into multiple constituencies for the 2018 General Elections. As a result of increased population, Lahore will be divided into 14 constituencies. Previously, there were 13 constituencies. According to the last delimitation, the constituencies of NA in Lahore started from NA-118 and ended at NA-130 but now the constituencies of Lahore would start from NA 123 and end at NA-136.

Lahore, A Key To Success

Lahore is considered a key point for political parties in winning. Previously, PML-N won 12 out of 13 seats from Lahore. Since Lahore has now 14 constituencies, the rate of success tends to increase for political parties.

The important constituencies to look at in 2018 General Elections are 124, 125, 127, 129, 131, 132, 134 and 135.

NA 124

PTI’s Nauman Qaiser is standing from this constituency against Shahbaz Sharif’s son Hamza Shahbaz. Indeed this is one result to look forward too as Shahbaz Sharif is increasing his footprints in Lahore through his son!

NA 124 covers the areas Badami Bagh, Walled City, Misri Shah, Railway Station, Qila Gujjar Singh, Lakshmi Chowk, Gawalmandi, Sheranwala Gate, Lohari Gate and Rang Mehal. Furthermore, the population of these areas is expected to be 801,410.

NA 125

PTI’s Dr. Yasmeen Rashid is contesting from this constituency of Lahore again this year. Last elections it was a contest between her and Mian Nawaz Sharif. We daresay, she gave him a tough competition in his own halka. Maryam Nawaz was supposed to step into his shoes. But according to recent announcements, Maryam Nawaz is no longer contesting against Dr Yasmin from this seat. She recently got her ticket changed due to some personal reason. Now unofficial reports tell that either Pervaiz Malik or Bilal Yasin, from PML-N is going to going to contest again Dr. Yasmin. A final decision will be made today.

Source: The Express Tribune

The newly formed NA-125 would be consisting of Rivaz Garden, Islampura, Santnagar, Sanda, Mohni Road, Mozang, Ganga Ram Hospital and GOR I. The total population of this constituency is expected to be 786,096.

NA 127

As per recent news, Maryam Nawaz has just been granted a change of constituency. She will now be contesting from NA 127. Moreover, her opposite contestant is Jamshed Iqbal Cheema from PTI. However, keeping the current political scenario and the accountability drive against the Sharif family, a strict competition is expected.

This constituency covers Baghbanpura, Kot Khawaja Saeed, China Scheme, Mehmood Booti, UET, Pakistan Mint, Singh Pura and Baja Line And the total a population of NA 127 is 819,049

NA 129

Ayaz Sadiq, from PML-N is standing from this constituency. On the other hand, Aleem Khan, will be representing PTI. Interestingly, PML-N is in lead with 50% support!

The areas covering this constituency includes Mayo Garden, Mian Meer Village, Mughalpura, Shami Road, Taj Bagh, Sadar Cant, Ghaziabad, Garhi Shahu, Dharampura, Harbanspura, and Askari I, IX and X. And the total population of this area is 762,811.

NA 131

Imran Khan, PTI Chairman, is leading NA 131. PTI Chairman holds 58% voters support, whereas, PML-N’s representative Saad Rafique holds 41% voters support. Not to forget, Lahore is considered the home ground of Saad Rafique but he seems to be in hot waters here!

Source: The Express Tribune

NA-131, with a total population of 772,182, covers the areas of R A Bazar, Nishat Colony, Cavalry, Walton, Defence, Kamahan, Bedian Road, Airport, Bhatta Chowk and Chungi Amar Sadhu.

NA 132

This constituency is the most crucial for PML-N party as Shahbaz Sharif is standing in the election. Whereas, PTI’s representative Ch Muhammad Mansha Sandhu will be contesting from NA 132.

Source: The Pakistan Today

NA-132 would consist of Barki Hadyara, DHA phase 8, Kahna, Gajumatta and Bhatta Chowk with a total population of 788,786.

NA 134

Rana Muhammad Iqbal, representing PML-N party will be contesting from this constituency. Saad Rafique is contesting for the provincial assembly seat here. And opposite him Malik Zaheer Abbas, from PTI will be contesting.

Source: Twitter

The areas under NA 134 include Kahna Nau, Kacha Jail Road, Valencia Town and Muhammad Ali Colony while it would have a total population of 804,774.

NA 135

PTI’s representative Malik Karamat Ali will be contesting from NA 135 in 2018 general elections. Whereas, PML-N has Malik Saif ul Malook contesting from this constituency.

The NA-135 covers areas including Thokhar Niaz Beg, Awan Town, Hanjarwal, Marghazar Colony, Mustafa Abad and Kharak. Furthermore, it has a total population of 815,592.

Lahore will be a battlefield in 2018 general elections for both the leading political parties of Pakistan. Let’s see whether the lions rule with their roars or the election battlefield will be dominated by cricket followers!

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