Shahbaz Sharif singing in Karachi- What a way to start off an Election Campaign!

As the Elections are just around the corner, politicians are coming with surprising ideas to project their patriotism for the state. Where Farhan Saeed was seen singing the anthem of PTI, Shahbaz Sharif singing surprised us all in an address in Karachi. Yes you got it right. Shahabaz Sharif singing in an address!

Shahbaz Sharif singing in an address in Marriot Hotel has got all of US HOOKED!

This memorable event took place when Shahbaz Sharif visited various areas of the city including PPP stronghold, Lyari. Our Chief Minister sang the songs with the singer who was performing there. He Also took a selfie with him. Now that’s what we call an exemplary Minister!

In his address, Shahbaz Sharif vowed to work for Quaid’s City and make it like Lahore. What an Example!

Coming back to Shahbaz Sharif singing in his address, he shared video of his act with a caption, “I accepted the demand of the people of Karachi :“Akelay na jaana, hamain chhorh kar tum – tumharay bina hum bala kia jiyain gy” with sincere thanks for their warm welcome! Pleasure to sing along with the singers who were performing”

Not long ago, Reham Khan came out with immense support of Shahbaz Sharif when he was seen crossing a road in London like any normal guy.

That too without any protocol or security. She tweeted that she has an immense level of respect for him now as he is doing things like a normal person. Also, Imran Khan’s Ex has supported the Sharifs in her upcoming book for their services for the State.

Nonetheless, Shahbaz Sharif singing in his address has dazzled us all and it sure did the Karachites as well. What we actually want that our leaders work honestly for the State and their people. When their actions would speak for themselves, Only then Pakistan will be able to climb the ladder to success.

Stay tuned for more surprising sides of our Politicians to be witnessed which are bound to cast a spell on us!

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