Maryam Nawaz is the New U-Turn Queen from Pakistani Politics

Our former Chief Minister, Shahbaz Shareef was seen singing in Karachi as he kick started his election campaign. At Present, Maryam Nawaz in Lahore elections is reported to contest from a “politically safe” constituency. Like these guys are not safe anymore in their own country?

PML-N confirmed on Wednesday that they had issued a party ticket to Maryam Nawaz in Lahore elections to contest the forthcoming polls from NA-127 constituency.

Maryam Nawaz in lahore elections

Previously, NA-125 was the honor of Mryam Nawaz but she was shifted to a politically safer constituency this year. Here is what the Lady said to the Media yesterday, “My ticket for the constituency was announced today (Wednesday),” she said, adding that she had requested the party ticket for NA-125.” I will contest elections according to the directions of the party leadership”. Pakistan should brace itself for all the surprises which are yet to come in these Elections. We sense that there is more to come in the story of Maryam Nawaz in Lahore elections.

Where people are in need of better living standards on the whole, our leaders cant decide from which constituency to contest. Taaliyan.

NA-127 was initially allotted to Malik Pervaiz. He is the Party’s Lahore chapter President and has won twice from the constituency. Personally he wanted NA-123 OR NA-133. But NA-125 landed in his pocket. Too bad for the poor guy as he was not in favor of this particular one.

Sorry chap. Rules can be broken if Nawaz familia wants it! no?

Coming to the fact that Pakistan is still not a stable democracy. It is has its root deep in Corruption and dishonesty. One can only have false hopes about these leaders, because hey, Safer constituencies are more important than the upcoming water crisis? Besides, If they will not lure the voters then who will pay for their lavish lifestyles and Plastic surgeries! Maryam Nawaz in Lahore elections should contest in a beauty pageant instead. She will surely win that too.

So Folks think ten times before you Vote. May Pakistan continues to exists surprisisngly as it is now.

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