Social Media in Complete Meltdown After Imran Khan Goes to Pay his Respects at a Shrine

As elections are just weeks away, every political party is busy with their campaigns. Politicians are trying everything to win. Similarly, people are also watching every politician very closely to decide who they should vote. Recently, PTI chairman visited the shrine of Baba Farid Ghanj Baksh with his wife. And, people had a lot of negative reaction to see Imran Khan at a shrine.

The video of his visit going viral started a debate. With mostly negative comments, some had a neutral view too.

People thought being a foreign graduate, his visit and giving a sajda at a shrine was an illiterate action.

People started arguing whether he gave a sajda or it was just a bosa.

Though some believed that religion is very personal and no one should comment on it.

While others thought its not a personal matter when you are elected to be a Prime Minister of a Muslim state.

However, some were sure that it was just a bosa and not a sajda.

Imran Khan’s action disappointed some. They thought he just lost his credibility.

People also posted religious lectures by Imams on this matter to make their case strong.

How could Reham Khan miss this chance? She declared it to be a shirk.

Some blamed his wife for his actions and said some mean things.

Memes were formed of Imran’s journey from a playboy to a man visiting shrines.

However, someone believed that everyone is answerable of their own believes.

While some were disappointed by the negative reaction of awam.

Later, Imran Khan cleared out himself in an interview.

While giving an interview to Kamran Khan on On The Point, Imran Khan gave a clarification. He said that he can never think of doing a sajda to anyone except Allah. This was a bosa which you give out of respect. Imran Khan at a shrine supposedly bent down and people just took it in the wrong way.

Even though Politicians are answerable to the people they are going to lead, but some got too harsh.

Demanding an answer from the candidate who is elected to be your leader is not wrong. But the way its done should be correct. The way some people gave their remarks and called him a kafir, without hearing him out, was too extreme. Just because Imran Khan at a shrine doesn’t make sense to some people. The whole matter got out of hand.

However, politicians should also be careful with their actions.

As politicians are always in limelight and that too when elections are just around the clock. They should be careful with their actions. And try not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

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