Mohsin Abbas Haider Reveals the Reason Why He Did “Meri Guriya”

Remember that tall, gangly guy behind the drums on Mazaak Raat. That is the singer turned artist, Mohsin Abbas haider. It is surprising that he has gained so much fame in such a short time. He made his debut in the film, Na Maloom Afraad. Now, he is all set to dazzle the small scree in Serial “Meri Guriya”aired on ARY channel.

Rarely, men are seen supporting something for females. That is just how most of our society is. But this young star decided to play a role of a rapist in this serial. Considering it will be the toughest roles of his life, the actor revealed that it was the death of his own daughter which forced him to take this role. Now that’s what we call standing up for a cause!

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