Someone Needs To Stop Reham Khan For Istigating Religious Hate & Controversy

These days, Pakistan political parties are in a state of chaos. Everyone is running around like a headless chicken. Why is that, you may ask. To get your votes and win the upcoming elections, so that they can rob us like the previous governments. They’re all using different tactics to entrap us. While these politicians are busy in their campaigns, some people just want their 15 minutes of fame. Reham Khan religious comments are making everybody question her motives.

After the video of Imran Khan’s alleged ‘sajda’ came out, Reham Khan religious comments also surfaced.

Along with his wife, Imran Khan visited the shrine and allegedly performed sajda. Literally, the whole country has made this in to a controversy.



Reham Khan did not break her streak and became the first to tweet about it.

Right after the video came out, she posted a very suggestive tweet about Islam.

Obviously, it triggered people and they started replying.

Some of Imran Khan’s supporters shared pictures of Maryam Nawaz in response.

While others supported Reham Khan.

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