All of Patari Leadership Resigns as the Company Allegedly Restores a Sexual Harasser back as CEO

The CEO of one of the most popular music streaming platform of Pakistan, Khalid Bajwa, had to step down after he was alleged of harassment. He was accused of sending inappropriate messages by two women. Though later the rumors spread that he has been restored at his position. The news of restoration lead of Patari leadership resignation.

As the two women accused Khalid Bajwa of harassment, Patari gave out their official statement that they will be investing the case.

The company gave out their statement that they will have to ask their CEO to step down immediately. Further they added that they will also be investing the whole case in detail. Patari also gave out their sympathies to the victims.

The Patari leadership collectively filed in their resignation.

They issued an official statement after the company allegedly restored Khalid Bajwa back. These women had stood for Patari and had been harassed online for it. After the company lost its value to save ‘one of their own’ they had to step down.

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