Sanju Brings Emotional Waves From Dutt’s Upside Down And Misunderstood World- Sanju Movie Review

The Movie Sanju has been the talk of the town since the day it was released. Not just cinemas but social media is also packed with Sanju Movie Review and praises. If you have not watched it you might actually be missing out on an emotional roller coaster. Nevertheless the movie has been loved by people and has gone Super Hit!

“One Man…Many Lives”

The tagline of the movie gives a broad idea of what to expect in Sanjay Dutt’s biopic Sanju. There is a reason, why its Sunjay Dutt’s biopic and not the legendary actors like Shah Rukh Khan or Amitabh Bachan. He is the son of renowned actress Nargis and active-cum-politician Sunit Dutt, Sanjay’s life is full of different shades of tragedies, dramatic experiences and unbelievably dangerous crimes. In short, his life is a perfect example of too many wrong choices.

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