Lahore Became Venice Before it Had a Chance to Become Paris

PML-N has always claimed to be doing great things in Punjab specially Lahore. After building various underpasses, roads and launching metro bus and orange train, they declared it to be a very developed city. Though yesterday in Lahore rain failed all the claims when roads were flooded with water. The city became Venice instead of Paris.

Shahbaz Sharif claimed to turn the city into Paris of Pakistan.

This claim is strongly crafted in people’s minds. People never leave a chance of mocking Shahbaz Sharifs Paris claim.

Lahore rain created a big hole on the Mall road in front of GPO which was scary as hell.

The biggest trauma was when a big hole was created due to rain on the Mall road right in front of GPO. It’s one of the most crowded road and the hole was scary big. The road became dangerous for anyone passing by. Everyone saw the reality of Shahbaz Sharif’s big claims of good roads in Lahore.

Though it was an alarming situation but Lahoris are famous for laughing at every tragedy. So they came up with the funniest memes on Lahore rain.

They compared Nigara Falls with the GPO road hole and called it Lahore Falls.


How could Maryam Nawaz stay safe from trolling! This is one of the funniest memes.

Lahore was literally drowning and the perfect movie to compare it with was Titanic. Though Anarkali Bazar left was ROFL.

This was literally the situation without any exaggeration.

Car services in the city came with their boat services as well. And, Lahoris had to make memes on it.

Another one for Uber.

No one was safe from getting wet or trolling in Lahore rain.

PML-N always plays the blame game after their false promises are exposed. So, this time they might say this.

A news reporter took his job to the next level and reported sitting in a kiddie pool.

After heavy rain in Lahore, the roads were badly flooded. Reporting on the roads was also not easy, so this reporter came up with a hilarious solution. He sat in a kiddie pool and did his job. People couldn’t stop laughing seeing his determination.

However, the rain showed the reality of the development in the city and left us worried.

Memes aside, there were many killed and injured due to the heavy rain in the city. The government failed in delivering any promise they made. It is indeed an alarming situation. It showed how poor the infrastructure is of the city. The material for roads is so poor that it cannot handle a little rain even.

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