Coke Studio Explorer Kick Starts its First Episode with Melodies From Kalash!

The Pride of Pakistan, Coke Studio, is back with a bang in its all new season 11. Its new producers, Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi have given it a complete new dimension. The two have launched a complete new module titled, Coke Studio Explorer. This module is the portrayal of their search to find hidden talents within Pakistan. So get ready to have all the flavors of Pakistan, at one platform!


Coke Studio Explorer has released its first song ‘Pareek’ featuring a Kalash-based duo of friends, Ariana and Amrina.




With “Pareek”, Coke Studio Explorer and its producers bring a very special story of two girls from the snowcapped remote mountains of the Kalash Valley of Chitral. These girls have been exposed to music and folklore as part of their culture and tradition, since birth. The girl named Ariana now, formerly known as Farsi Gul,has changed her name in her love for the singer Ariana Grande.

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