Jibran Nasir was Manhandled by Judge’s VIP Protocol and No One Is Happy About It

In a world where the only options you have to survive are either a Slap or Bullet, what would you do? Oh wait, you will not be given a choice. You will just be served with whatever the POWERFUL authorities find suitable. In fact you are lucky if it’s a slap and not a bullet. In light of this, Jibran Nasir, the famous right activist, is ONE LUCKY MAN!

After the above video, showing Jibran Nasir being detained by police protocol of judge, was published on Facebook, the news spread across nation like wildfire!

“I have gotten beaten up by a judge protocol and my clothes have been torn only because they pushed my car next to a footpath and when I stopped the car a common man like me was beaten with a chamber”

Jibran stated in this video, before it came to an abrupt end. This small footage was recorded while the whole incident of the famous activists being dragged was taking place.

This whole incident is full of disgrace. Moreover, the protocol officers’ remarks are full of shame. As quoted by Jibran Nasir:

“The protocol officer told me that I should be grateful that he didn’t shoot me and that he only slapped me,\”

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