The British Apparently Like Harry Kane More Than HRH Harry Windsor and Here’s Why

World Cup 2018 has brought the whole world together! Be it while celebrating, nail biting during suspenseful moments or sulking upon losing, the whole world is struck with World Cup Fever! The recent match England Vs Columbia surely had the whole world gripped and the last penalty goal can be called legendary due to the amount of weight that rested upon it!

England fans went euphoric when Harry Kane’s penalty shootout led the country’s team towards World Cup 2018 quarter finals! Fans celebrated the BOSS Harry Kane’s penalty for England vs Columbia like no other.

Breaking Records

This penalty shootout win has become UK’s most watched television event since 2012, ITV reports. This match has broken TV Ratings records as the Three Lion make history! ITV further states numbers of viewership

“The audience hit a one-minute peak of 24.4m viewers at 9.52pm when England scored the winning penalty. This is the highest peak audience for live sport since England played Portugal in the 2004 Euros (peak of 24.7m).”

Further breaking down the audience viewership ITV stated that a staggering 20.2 Mil viewers were watching the match between kick off and the winning penalty. At its highest point, roughly four in five people watching TV in the UK were tuned into the football on ITV.

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